With Dial-Tone working for me, Serpentor is as good as finished.
  -- Cobra Commander (after Zarana informs him that Dial-Tone has joined Cobra)
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"Don’t call me 'sir'!"
- Leatherneck (to the kids he befriended)

Cross Country carries the woman into Beach Head's conference room, and the Joes and police listen to her tale about the attack. After learning that Leatherneck, Roadblock and Gung Ho were at the village, Beach Head orders the Joes to prepare for a rescue mission. The dust children slip into the back of an APC and hitch a ride in order to help Leatherneck since he helped the kids when no one else would even look at them.

As the Joes and the police raid the village, the village girl slips away, pulls off her mask and Zarana rides away on a Cobra Ferret to Cobra’s base, which is hidden nearby.

While the dust children follow Zarana, the Joes move into the village with guns blazing, however, they are caught off-guard by several BATs. Cross Country’s HAVOC is destroyed, but Lift-Ticket arrives with a Tomahawk helicopter and destroys the BATs with a few well-aimed missiles.

Dr. Mindbender tells Leatherneck, Roadblock and Gung Ho, who are trapped inside bamboo cages, that their friends have fallen into an ambush and then offers them a stick of gum. Leatherneck tells the Cobra to choke on the gum.

While Slipstream guides his Conquest X-30 into the fray and obliterates the remaining BATs, the dust children infiltrate Cobra’s camp. Jefferson then climbs a tree and hands the Cobra knife to Leatherneck, who slices through the cage, frees the other Joes and slips into a storage room with the Joes and the dust children.

Before Steve places a stick of gum in his mouth, Leatherneck swipes the stick from his hands and explains that it is poisonous. Although Roadblock is unsure if they can stop Cobra with a pocketknife, Leatherneck remains confident.

After the Dreadnoks finish loading the barrels of sap onto a cargo plane, Dr. Mindbender discovers that the Joes have escaped. But Zarana and the Dreadnoks ride away on Cobra Ferrets while Dr. Mindbender yells at the deserters to search the base. After Leatherneck taunts Dr. Mindbender about how hard it is to find good help, the Cobra scientist fires a shot at the Joes, boards the Cobra VTOL (vertical take-off / landing) transport plane and closes the door.

But Leatherneck manages to open the door with the pocketknife and slip inside the plane.

The Joe tries to subdue Dr. Mindbender, however, as Leatherneck kicks the Cobra out the door, Mindbender shoots the barrels, which catch on fire. As Mindbender falls into a river, Lifeline taps Leatherneck on his shoulder and asks if he needs a lift. He climbs onto Lifeline’s rope ladder, which is attached to a Tomahawk, and the Joes fly away to safety seconds before the plane explodes.

Back at the Bangkok Diner, Beach Head and Lei Ann order a second serving of Mr. Nuen's meal and Leatherneck informs the kids that he was able convince General Hawk to fly the kids to America so that they can be raised in foster homes.

However, Mei-Lei stands up and explains that Thailand is their home and if they went to American and were in trouble, she asks where they would go. Mr. Nuen explains that they all have quite a lot to learn and then offers to take the kids in and adds that they will work at his restaurant as his partners.

Shocked by the news, Gung Ho tells Leatherneck to try and persuade the kids to come to America. However, the tough-yet-soft-hearted Joe tells Gung Ho that the kids just need a home and some love, and where they call home doesn’t really matter.

The kids salute and shout at Leatherneck, “Yessir!”
“Don’t call me 'sir'!” Leatherneck yells back.
“YO JOE!” reply the kids.

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