What are you clowns doing up there?!
  -- Wet-Suit (after a rocket explodes near him)
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"You know, following Dreadnoks in the middle of the night ain’t exactly the best way to live to a ripe old age."
- Gung Ho (to his teammates during a manhunt)

As the pirate leaves, Zarana compliments Dr. Mindbender, but she is curious how he will control Bangkok. They walk inside a processing plant for the sap and Dr. Mindbender explains that the tree sap can be placed in deodorants, mouth wash, toothpaste and other personal care products.

Hearing a disturbance outside, Dr. Mindbender and Zarana watch Torch toss a Viper into a river after explaining that he is leaving the base since he is “bloody well bored.” Dr. Mindbender explains to Torch that if he or the other Dreadnoks are spotted, then the Joes might follow them to the base.

However, Torch couldn’t care less since he is not in charge of the operation, and the Dreadnoks take off on a Swampfire while laughing. Dr. Mindbender then orders Zarana to intercept the Dreadnoks and to keep them out of trouble.

The kids lead Leatherneck, Gung Ho and Roadblock back to the Bangkok Diner and Leatherneck orders the kids to stand at attention, wipe the smiles off their faces and to return to the airbase. The kids salute, uniformly shout “Yessir” and take off running as Leatherneck yells back, “And don’t call me ‘sir’! I work for a living!”

The kids stop running and return to the diner after Jefferson explains that he doesn’t want to miss all the action. The Joes enter the diner, however, the Dreadnoks are not present, so they go into the kitchen and find the owner.

Meanwhile, the Dreadnoks pick up a lady wearing a sexy red dress and long black gloves and welcome her aboard the Swampfire before they enter the diner and attack the Joes, who are holding plates, pots and platters.

As the Joes fight with the Dreadnoks, the dust children enter the diner and free Mr. Nuen, the owner.

Jefferson runs into the burning room and bumps into Torch, who shoves the kid to the ground. Torch’s pocket knife falls out of his pocket and Jefferson again attacks the Dreadnok, but he is outmatched. Gung Ho tosses Ripper aside, grabs Torch by his shoulder, spins him around and before punching the Dreadnok, he asks, “Why don’t you play with someone your own size, Torch?”

The police arrive and Monkeywrench tosses a grenade. Roadblock quickly tackles the kids and protects them as the grenade explodes. Before fleeing in their Swampfire, the Dreadnoks learn that the woman they picked up was Zarana, who orders them to take off while she cleans up their mess.

Leatherneck orders Mr. Nuen to take the kids to their base. The Joes knock two police officers out of their boat and then pursue the Dreadnoks while Zarana radios Dr. Mindbender about the incoming party of Joes.

Motoring down a mist-covered river at night, Gung Ho tells the other Joes, “You know, following Dreadnoks in the middle of the night ain’t exactly the best way to live to a ripe old age.” Floodlights shine on the river and as Vipers shoot at the Joes, Dr. Mindbender hits the boat with a rocket launcher.

The Joes escape unscathed, however, they are captured by Cobra as soon as they reach the shore and are asked by Dr. Mindbender if they would like a stick of gum.

On the airbase, the dust children stand by a window and listen to Beach Head confirm for the police that Leatherneck and the other Joes stole the boat to chase Cobra and unravel their plans. Meanwhile, a local girl falls into Cross Country’s arms and begs him for help since her village is under attack.

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