I don’t know, but I ain’t eating it until I find out.
  -- Low-Light (to Sci Fi while looking at an unidentifiable part of their meal)
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"I know an exit cue when I see one."
- Flint (to Lady Jaye after the two Cobra agents leave them unguarded)

But before the Joes can attack Destro and the Baroness, a trapdoor opens underneath Flint and Lady and they are attacked by an octopus. Lady Jaye kicks the octopus in the eye as she is grabbed and is tossed against a wall. And before Flint turns into the creature’s next meal, Lady Jaye slips off her oxygen tank and tosses it into the mouth of the octopus.

The gas fills the tank and blocks the Baroness and Destro’s view. Since there is no way out of the tank, Destro concludes that the Joes must have been killed.

Cobra Commander enters the room and demands to know what they are doing. Destro explains that they have beaten the Joes and adds that the Vortex Cone is safe. But inside the robots, Leatherneck explains that the Joes will wait for Flint’s signal to attack. Flint and Lady Jaye swim past the octopus and Flint suggests that a feeding platform may prove to be an escape route, but Dr. Mindbender opens the door and orders the Joes to climb out.

Shrugging their shoulders, Flint and Lady Jaye exit the tank, but before Dr. Mindbender can close the door, an octopus tentacle grabs him. Two Cobra Vipers fire at the creature and rush to help. “I know an exit cue when I see one,” Flint says, and the Joes sprint away, enter a communications room and knock out a Cobra agent.

Feeling that the Joes cannot afford to wait for Flint and Lady Jaye, Leatherneck yells at the Joes to exit the robots and asks rhetorically if they want to live forever. The Joes swarm the base and enter the base after destroying part of its dome, much to the dismay of the Baroness. As Destro notes that one of the Joes, Wet-Suit, is tearing out the cables from the Vortex Cone, Cobra Commander throws a chair into a monitor and tells the others that he will drown the Eastern seaboard of the United States despite Destro’s advice to wait until the base is secure.

Lady Jaye and Flint radio Hawk and Duke to learn if Mainframe has been able to read the floppy after they report that the Joes have not yet destroyed Cobra’s weapon. But a BAT breaks down the door to the communication room and interrupts the conversation. Flint tries to knock the robot to the side, however, he is swatted and Lady Jaye is also unsuccessful in her attack on the robot and she suggests to Duke and Hawk that they send in heavy bombers if the Joes fail.

Mainframe explains to Hawk that he may be able to read the disk with a free-floating head inside a disk drive, but the Joe's explanation is cut short by Duke who orders Mainframe to read the disk.

While the Joes swim through the flooding Cobra base, Shipwreck is grabbed by one of the BATs and yells at the “overgrown calculator” to let go of him. Leatherneck shoots off the robot’s arm and they continue their attack. Duke radios Flint, who is being choked by the BAT, that they have the intelligence they need to dismantle the cone and tells him to be careful.

Gasping for air, Flint asks, “Careful?” Lady Jaye, who on the BAT’s back and pounding it with her fists, removes a hairpin from her hair and jams it into the robots’ neck. Sparks fly and the BAT’s head explodes.

Flint asks how she destroyed the robot and she promises to share her trade secret over dinner that night. Examining the data sent by Duke, Lady Jaye tells Wet-Suit that he is in the wrong access port and needs to move 40 yards starboard. “Now she tells me,” he mumbles. Pulling out a fistful of critical wires, Destro watches with horror as Wet-Suit destroys the cone.

Leatherneck finds Flint and Lady Jaye, and Flint orders all of the Joes to evacuate the base.

While Cobra Commander, the Baroness and Destro leave the base in an escape pod, the Joes climb aboard ladders attached to helicopters and fly away as the Vortex Cone explodes brilliantly in the ocean.

Flint and Lady Jaye look at the Cobra prisoners on the helicopter and Flint is unnerved about the “three biggest snakes” escaping again. Lifeline runs across the floor, yells for everyone to look out and explains that he has to cut an arm off Shipwreck. Flint and Lady Jaye rush to the group of Joes standing around Shipwreck and Lady Jaye asks Lifeline if Shipwreck will be okay. “Sure, once I cut this android arm off Shipwreck’s leg,” he explains while running a hacksaw over the robot arm on Shipwreck’s leg. Escorted by Conquest X-30s, the Joes fly into the sunset aboard their helicopters.

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