They played the tune that made men swoon.
  -- Roadblock (summarizing in two lines the power of the Conch of the Sirens)
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"Need a lift, sweetheart?!"
- Flint (before rescuing Lady Jaye in a Cobra FANG)

After a Cobra Eel radios the Baroness that the Vortex Cone near the Panama Canal is fully functional, the Baroness orders the Cobra agent back to their base and she drives away on her Cobra Hydrofoil while talking to Cobra Commander, who laughs with glee over his new plan.

Above her Moray, however, the Joes fly in Dragonflies, and inside one of the helicopters, Dial-Tone asks if the spy is ready. Duke gives Dial-Tone an affirmative and adds that for once the Joes have finally have advance notice of Cobra’s scheme. Duke radios Flint and learns that he and Lady Jaye are ready for Operation: Switcharoo. As he is piloting a helicopter, Wild Bill hums “Dixie” and tells a curious Lady Jaye that their targeted Hydrofoil is in sight.

After the Joes spot the Baroness, they box her in the water by firing on both side of her ship. The Dragonflies peel off and Wild Bill activates a large electro magnet that lifts the Moray out of the water. The Baroness bumps her head, but she quickly recovers and rushes out of the cabin to shoot the Joes.

However, her metal gun is pulled away with the magnet. Flint and Lady Jaye demand that the Baroness give up, but she elects to leap off the hydrofoil and dive into the sea.

Lady Jaye is shocked by the move, but Flint is relieved since they now won’t have to worry about the Baroness escaping and ruining their mission. With Flint and Lady Jaye on the Moray, Wild Bill drops the ship back into the water and the two Joes drive off. Lady Jaye changes into her Baroness costume and asks Flint how she looks. He laughs and replies, “Frightening.”

The Joes follow a homing signal to Cobra’s base, which is located in South America. After Lady Jaye tells Cobra Commander in the voice of the Baroness that she would not miss “this special day,” a stone cliff slides to the side and the Moray docks in a base so large that Lady Jaye tells Flint they need an army to crack the base. But Flint reminds her in a grim voice, “We don’t have an army. It’s just us.” And as Lady Jaye is escorted to the command center, Flint slips out of the Hydrofoil’s missile rack and into the water.

Lady Jaye enters the control room and is told by Cobra Commander that she is in time for his ultimatum to the world. After explaining that she needs to add her information to the mission computer, Destro grabs her arm and tells her that he wishes to show her some interesting hand-to-hand combat techniques. Lady Jaye wittily replies in a half-purring voice of the Baroness that should could get a real kick out of the demonstration, kisses Destro on his lips and then leaves. While Destro rubs his chin and tells himself that the Baroness is a “playful minx,” Cobra Commander yells at him to stop acting like a lovestruck schoolboy and position the Vortex Cone.

As Lady Jaye copies the Vortex Cone's schematics from the computer to a floppy disk, Flint knocks out several Cobra agents who spotted him before they sound the security alarm. Elsewhere, a Cobra Moray docks and a Cobra agent tells Cobra Commander that they have captured a spy. But the spy is the real Baroness and as she calls the Cobras “bloody fools,” Destro tells himself that he knew his earlier conversation was too good to be true.

Lady Jaye walks to a Firebat, but Cobra Commander, Destro and several Cobra agents surround her, and the Baroness pulls off Lady Jaye's mask and tells her that the only place the Joe is going is six feet under the ground.

But shots from Flint's FANG cause the Cobra agents to scatter and he shouts, “Need a lift, sweetheart?!” As he swings around and picks up Lady Jaye, she shouts back, “You bet, big boy! Just make it fast!” Flint avoids the shots by Cobra, however, Lady Jaye begins to slip away from him.

He grabs her hand, but as he turns back to fly the helicopter, he sees that they are going to crash into several canisters of jet fuel. The FANG slams into the fuel and is destroyed, and Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness happily laugh at the destruction of the Joes.

Cobra Commander seizes control of the television airwaves and delivers his ultimatum. After demonstrating the Vortex Cone’s ability to use the ocean’s electro-magnetic currents to create tidal waves and tsunamis at the Panama Canal, Cobra Commander demands the surrender of the United States in 48 hours.

After General Hawk charges Wet-Suit and Deep Six with the responsibility of destroying the Vortex Cone, Deep Six asks how can they find the cone without Flint and Lady Jaye’s data and also wonders how they are going to destroy the weapon. Wet-Suit points out to himself and tells his teammate that nothing is impossible for a SEAL. “Oh, yeah? Try figuring out my income tax,” suggests Deep Six.

Lady Jaye and Flint swim to the surface of the dock water after Cobra leaves and then enter a locker room. But as Flint suggests they borrow two flight suits, two Cobra pilots enter the room and draw their guns.

As a Rattler takes off, the two Cobra pilots are distracted for a moment and both Flint and Lady Jaye quickly attack the Cobras.

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