Cobra’s going to pay for this.
  -- Gung Ho (after learning his vacation was cancelled because of Cobra)
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"In fact, you’ve been the comedy hit of the season."
- Dr. Mindbender (after informing Slipstream and Raven that their adventure was broadcasted to Cobra via the base's security cameras)

The two pilots run out of the room and Slipstream tries to close the blast doors, however, the doors do not close and the growling green monster with many heads, each with razor sharp teeth, and several tentacles reaches out for them.

Suddenly, BATs on the other side of the creature open fire at the pilots and hit the creature, which turns to attack the androids. Raven and Slipstream escape by crawling into a ventilation shaft, and as a camera inside the shaft turns to follow them, a fan is activated and the two pilots are pulled toward a giant whirling blade.

Raven quickly grabs Slipstream’s gun, destroys the fan and lands on top of Slipstream as they crash to the ground.

Slipstream compliments her reflexes and she explains that he could move just as fast if Cobra altered his reflex system. After he notes that her superior reflexes helped her defeat him, Raven responds that Slipstream could have won if he wasn’t flying like a trainee. But shots from another batch of BATs interrupt their conversation and they continue their escape.

Kicking out a grill, Slipstream climbs out and reaches out to help Raven, but she pulls away and tells him to signal for help while she keeps the BATs distracted. Slipstream contacts Dial-Tone and states that his coordinates are 48-50-oh-niner. After Dial-Tone explains that a Tomahawk is on its way and Slipstream explains that the “delivery” is safe, Raven tosses a grenade into the shaft, causing Slipstream’s communication link is severed.

Raven offers to help find another signal, however, Dr. Mindbender appears on the monitor and explains that he has been watching them with the island’s cameras. “In fact, you’ve been the comedy hit of the season,” he tells them with a gleeful voice. After Raven angrily asks if being left on the island is her reward for serving Cobra, Dr. Mindbender explains that she will die a hero since more unsuspecting Joes will die thanks to the Bio-annihilator.

Enraged, Raven shoots the screen and then both pilots turn to watch more BATs enter the room. They retreat and Slipstream is saved from a BAT grasping his throat thanks to a shot from Raven’s gun. The Bio-annihilator continues to attack the BATs following the pilots, who retreat to the base’s command center.

Inside the room, Raven slumps against a wall and tells Slipstream to program the base to self-destruct while she tries to guard the door. The Joe successfully programs the base’s computer, however, the computer needs a Cobra command code to launch the program. Slipstream looks inside his flight suit’s pocket and learns that he lost the tape.

“No, you didn’t,” Raven tells him, and then tosses the tape to him. Telling her that he is not going to ask how she grabbed the tape, the Joe pilot slips the tape into the computer and learns that they have 60 seconds to leave the island.

The creature enters the room and Slipstream picks up Raven and the two retreat once again. The creature tries to cut them off by burning through a wall, however, Slipstream stops and reverses his course.

The floor begins to crack and the Joe leaps to more solid ground, but the floor collapses under the Bio-annihilator’s weight and the creature falls into the lower levels of the base.

Slipstream hears a helicopter through a large crack in the ceiling, helps Raven to the surface and climbs up.

Seeing the approaching Tomahawk, he waves his hands in the air and yells, “Yo Joe!” The two pilots grab onto the helicopter’s lifeline and are flown away.

But the creature grabs Slipstream’s leg. The Joe’s boot is pulled off and Slipstream, Raven and Lifeline are carried away from the island on Lift-Ticket’s Tomahawk.

And the island explodes.

The Tomahawk’s engines sputter and the helicopter begins to spin in the air, but once the sky is clear again, the Joe helicopter continues its flight back home.

Lifeline asks if Slipstream is bringing back a prisoner. Raven looks at Slipstream with an undecided look in her brown eyes and Slipstream stares at Raven with blue eyes full of hope. She then looks down at the Cobra patch on her left sleeve and rips it away. “No, I think this is a recruit,” Slipstream happily tells his teammate while watching Raven drop the patch into the ocean.

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