Have the harpies of the shore come to pluck the eagle of the sea?
  -- Admiral Lattimer (to Admiral Overton and General Hawk after the USS Montana docks)
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"Always works on TV."
- Slipstream (after unsuccessfully trying to stop a BAT by smashing a chair against its head)

Inside a concrete and wood hut, Slipstream places a splint on the leg of the Cobra pilot, who still believes Cobra is going to rescue her. But Slipstream turns away from a nearby window and tells the her that she simply doesn’t understand the situation. Cobra, Slipstream explains, believes that she is expendable. After the BATs fire at the hut, a wooden beam from the ceiling crashes to the floor and damages enough of the floor to reveal a underground passageway.

The Joe and Cobra pilot move the debris and slide into a pit of what Slipstream believes is slime. The Cobra pilot begins to correct Slipstream's assessment of the slime, but she stops and calmly suggests they get out. Slipstream wonders what is going on, but her sprained ankle fails her. As Slipstream helps her up, the pilot feels the Cobra Command tape tucked in his flight suit pocket. And a camera turns to follow them down a hallway.

Slipstream examines a set of notes inside a lab and learns that the base was not destroyed but evacuated, and the conclusion does not sit well with him. The squad of BATs investigate the hut and one of the Battle Android Troopers uses a searchlight to examine the passageway under the floorboards. After pulling the Cobra pilot out of sight and behind cover, he wishes that they had one of the BATs’ guns. After angrily telling Slipstream that she did not recall joining G.I.Joe, the Cobra pilot stands up and yells, “BAT! This is Strato-Viper Raven! I’ve got a prisoner!”

While the BAT fires at her, Slipstream pulls Raven to the ground and tells her that she has a death wish. The Joe pilot tosses the notebook to distract the BAT and then attempts to attack it, however, he is swatted aside and slammed against a wall. The BAT then reaches out to the laughing Cobra pilot and begins to crush her throat.

After climbing back to his feet, Slipstream grabs a chair and slams it against the BAT's head. But it is not knocked out. “Always works on TV,” jokes Slipstream, who flies into a cabinet. The Joe spots a bottle of hydrochloric acid and throws it at the BAT, which collapses to the ground after the liquid eats away part of its head and chest.

Raven believes the BAT’s programming is faulty, however, Slipstream chides her, “No, Raven - your programming is faulty.” While the Joe pilot reaches for the BAT’s gun, Raven slips away and walks down a darkened corridor. Slipstream calls out for her several times and eventually catches up with her. Helping her up from the ground again, he suggests that she shouldn’t wander off alone since they don’t know what was left behind on the Cobra base.

The two hear the noisy clanking sounds of approaching BATs and Slipstream tells her to run toward the light at the end of the tunnel while he attacks the BATs. “Who’s arguing?” she half-jokes. Slipstream yells and runs toward the BATs, who are shooting past him, but their targeting systems are recalibrated and the BATs shoot at the ground in front of Slipstream. Realizing he could be hit, the Joe pilot quickly retreats while Raven finds a communication center.

Unfortunately, Slipstream steps on a switch that is part of an alarm system and columns buried in the floor begin to rise and crush everything against the ceiling. Several of the BATs are destroyed, but Raven falls down while they are retreating. Slipstream returns for her, but he slams into a wall after pulling her off of a rising column. While Slipstream is recovering from the impact, Raven compliments his bravery and deftly removes the Cobra Command tape from his pocket and places it inside a pouch on her flight suit.

After joking that he was using his head, she then tells him, “Don’t just sit there. Let’s get go, slimeball.” Shocked by the reversal of her attitude, he mutters to himself, “Women! I’ll never figure them out!”

They enter a lab and while Raven studies a map of the base, Slipstream finds another large hole in the wall and confronts Raven about how it was created. At first, Raven scoffs Slipstream by telling him that because she is part of Cobra she must know everything about the organization. However, Slipstream points out that she was not surprised by the pool of goo or the appearance so G.I.Joe and Cobra must be playing for some high stakes.

He stares hard and down at her, and she gives in. Raven explains that they are inside one of Dr. Mindbender’s bio-engineering labs, which are so dangerous that they are not located on Cobra Island.

She notes that something went wrong with one of the experiments and Cobra’s mad scientist has been trying to fix “it.” Slipstream presses her about “it,” however, she explains that she needs to keep some of Cobra’s secrets. Slipstream comments about her misplaced loyalties and then helps her walk to the communication center. But the wall begins to melt and green tentacles reach out for them.

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