Don't consider that a compliment. We're not in Turkey.
  -- Alpine (after eating his dinner and burping)
Home Episode Summaries Season 2 Iceberg Goes South - Notes

Credits: written by Mary Skrenes

Production Number: 600-66

Original Airdate: October 9, 1986

While testing Arctic equipment for the Joes, Iceberg is captured by Cobra Interrogator and subjected to genetic experiments that result in him becoming a half whale, half human creature.

G.I.Joe: Beach Head, Dial-Tone, Gung Ho*, Iceberg, Lady Jaye, Lift-Ticket*, Lifeline*, Low-Light, Sci Fi*, Snow Job, Spirit*, Wet-Suit Cobra: Cobra agents, Dr. Mindbender, Viper
G.I.Joe: Devilfish, Polar Battle Bear, Sky Hawk, Snow Cat, Tomahawk Cobra: none
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

A picture of an unknown woman appears on Beach Head's desk (Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes).

While waiting outside the tropidome, Iceberg is seen reading The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, a book that may have been selected since certain aspects of Cobra's organization parallel the Roman Empire, such as feuding parties vying for power and a labor force composed of slaves.

The last name of Mahia's uncle, Dr. Wendigos, is the name of creature that is half-man and half-best, like several of the Cobra agents in the episode. Below is an excerpt from Peter Haining's A Dictionary of Ghost Lore about wendigos:
The wendigo is a Canadian entity, half-phantom, half-beast, who lives in the forests and preys on human beings, particularly children. The belief in this horror dates back to the earliest Indian legends and it is said that the wendigo will eat the flesh of its victims. According to R.S. Lambert in Exploring the Supernatural (1955), "Wendigos (who might be women as well as men) were believed to have entered into a pact with evil spirits, lurking in the forest, who helped them kill their victims." The legend of this creature has been immortalized in Algernon Blackwood's short story "The Wendigo" (1907).

Snow Job's goggles were not included in one shot.

Beach Head's gloves and vest are not present in one shot but appear in the following shot.


Flint explains that you should rely on your conscience rather than the people around you as a morality compass.


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