You ever think about going into the fortune cookie business?
  -- Quick Kick (to Spirit after hearing a philosophical reply from the Joe)
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"Would you settle for a cold flood?"
- Shipwreck (in response to Lady Jaye's wish for a hot bath after seeing an approaching large wave of water)

However, the “cheap Cobra junk” gun, runs out of ammo and Footloose tries to escape. As he runs from the room, Storm Shadow cuts a stone pillar with Excalibur and the stones fall onto Footloose. While Cobra Commander screams for the Joe to be taken away, Destro plots to acquire the invincible sword for himself before Cobra Commander discovers its power.

As Quick Kick and Spirit approach Cobra’s castle, Duke and Lady Jaye examine the dam near village and discover that it is about to break due to the excessive rain. As Duke orders Lady Jaye to evacuate the village and then save the radar system, Beemish arrives and tells the Joes that evacuating the village will not work, and the only way to save the villagers is by returning the sword to the Lady of the Lake. Duke considers himself going crazy, but he is beginning to believe Beemish.

Mutt and Junkyard visit Flint while he is on guard duty, however, their conversation and coffee break is interrupted by Cobra. While evacuating the townspeople, a little girl tugs on Duke’s pancho and tells him that she can’t leave without her cat, Queen Anne, and Duke promises to find her pet. Lady Jaye reports that Cobra has forced the Joes to retreat from the Tactical Battle Platform and are holding the moors at the moment.

Cobra attacks the Joes and the village and Destro, who is catching a cold due to the “blasted English weather,” apologizes to his friend, Storm Shadow, for firing a rocket at him, however, Destro explains that he must have the sword. But just as he is about to fire the rocket at Storm Shadow, Destro sneezes and the rocket is fired toward the town.

As per Duke’s orders, Mutt and Junkyard survey the village for any citizens and along the way they find a cat in a tree. Destro’s missile strikes the dam and as soon as Mutt tucks the cat in his rain coat, he and his best friend are caught in the debris of a house that explodes due to Destro’s missile.

Wild Bill arrives and with several other Dragonfly the Joes rescue their teammates thanks to a few well-placed missiles fired at the Cobra Water Moccasins. The Baroness orders Cobra to retreat and as Major Bludd leaves, he fires a rocket that strikes the dam and the water flows down to flood the village and drown the unconscious Mutt and Junkyard.

Mutt awakens to the meows of the cat and after pushing the timbers off of himself and Junkyard, he picks up the cat and asks why she is meowing like crazy. Mutt then turns toward a tidal wave and tells Junkyard to brace himself. And soon the two are swept away in the force of the tidal wave.

Since Cobra has retreated, the Joes march back to the village in the rain and Lady Jaye says, “Man, what I would give for a nice hot tub right about now.” Shipwreck points to the sky and asks her, “Would you settle for a cold flood?” The tidal wave from the shattered dam smoothers the Joes, and after Mutt hangs ten and Junkyard hangs twenty on pieces of debris, Mutt pumps his fist in the air and shouts, “Man! What a ride!”

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