Oh, swell.
  -- Shipwreck (as he notices the USS Trogon firing missiles over his head and into the water while swimming in the ocean)
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Credits: written by Dan Di Stefano

Production Number: 600-32

Original Airdate: November 1, 1985

After an air duel with Spirit, Storm Shadow crashes in a lake in the north of Britain. He’s rescued from the sinking plane by an apparition - who then guides him to a gleaming blade that rests on the lake bottom. The apparition is the Lady of the Lake. And the enchanted blade, King Arthur’s legendary sword Excalibur, falls into the hands of Cobra’s merciless ninja. [Note: Storm Shadow was shot down by Duke in the episode]

G.I.Joe: Duke, Shipwreck, Polly, Flint, Lady Jaye, Cutter, Quick Kick, Spirit, Freedom, Footloose, Mutt, Junkyard, Wild Bill Cobra: Destro, Major Bludd, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Crimson Guard, the Baroness
G.I.Joe: USS Flagg, WHALE, Skystriker, RAM, Tactical Battle Platform, APC, Dragonfly Cobra: Rattler, Water Moccasin

After Duke knocks Shipwreck’s feet off the table, Polly, who is sitting on the sailor's shoulders, tells him, “Squash by a squash.” The line was first spoken in the episode “The Greenhouse Effect.”

The boat the Baroness uses to lead the attack against the Joes appears to be the same model that she used to attack the Joes in the mini-series "The Revenge of Cobra."

Just like the episode "Countdown for Zartan," Spirit pulls out a knife from underneath his headband.

Was Beemish King Arthur or one of the Knights of the Round Table? After all, he mysteriously appears and disappears and his timing is just right to nudge the Joes in the right direction.

As seen by the image on the left, the Cobra symbol on her uniform is grey and not red.

Footloose: Cut him off!
Quick Kick: Cut him off? With that sword he’s going to cut us off.
Footloose: Hey! Like, he couldn’t just disappear.
Footloose: Stop him!
Time: 23 seconds


Mutt: Here, Flint, this will warm you up.
Junkyard: (growls)
Mutt: What is it, boy?
Flint: It’s Cobra! Sound the alarm!
Major Bludd: Cobraaa!
Flint: Pull back! Pull back!
Mutt: Come on, Junk! Let’s make tracks!
Time: 24 seconds


Major Bludd: Come on, blokes! Cobraaa - attaaack!
Baroness: We’ve got G.I.Joe trapped like rats.
Time: 16 seconds


Flint: All things considered, this wouldn’t be half as bad if the blasted rain would stop. [rain stops] Well, now all we need is for Lady Jaye and the rest of Joes to -
Spirit: Look.
Flint: Our hovercraft!
Time: 16 seconds
Commentary: Because of the edit, the charm of watching Flint's three wishes come true was ruined.


Snow Job
According to Snow Job, if someone is on ice that is starting to crack, you should use a branch to pull someone in rather than walk out on the ice.
Same as above


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Legions of Power
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