With Dial-Tone working for me, Serpentor is as good as finished.
  -- Cobra Commander (after Zarana informs him that Dial-Tone has joined Cobra)
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"That woman is nothing but trouble."
- Destro (describing the Baroness to Flint)

As Flint walks over to Lady Jaye to fulfill the orders of the Baroness, a hand wearing a metal glove pulls Flint into a darkened corridor, and Destro tells Flint that he will not allow the Joe to take what belongs to him. But Flint tells Destro to “buzz off” and the two fight on the deck of the boat. Socrates orders the men to be tossed off the boat. In the water, Flint regains himself and tells Destro that he can have the Baroness. “I think not,” replies Destro. “That woman is nothing but trouble.”

While the two men float on life preservers, Cobra Commander laughs and slaps his knee due to Destro’s foolishness. The Baroness, who overhears the comments of  Destro, tells him that they will talk later, then turns around, comes face-to-face with Socrates and asks for a place to rest. Socrates offers his cabin and Lady Jaye offers to hold her purse, grabs the bottle of Eau de Cobra perfume and sprays herself before convincing Socrates to dance.

Lady Jaye knocks the bottle out of the hands of the Baroness and the other ladies on the ship fight to get control of the powerful perfume. Cobra Commander orders the Baroness to recapture the bottle but after she obtains the bottle, Lady Jaye kicks the bottle out of her hands and into the water. She radios Cobra Commander about the bottle while Lady Jaye radios Deep Six, who is under the yacht in a SHARC.

Just as Deep Six is about to grab the bottle, a Cobra sub attacks and Deep Six radios for backup. Several Joe divers drop out of a plane while Cobra Eels dive from Cobra Commander’s boat in order to retrieve the bottle. Meanwhile, the Baroness knocks out on of the party's attendees and drags her away. Destro swims to the boat of Cobra’s leader and after shooting the boat with a laser on his metal glove, he orders Cobra Commander to throw him a rope or he will sink the ship. Cobra Commander then tosses Destro a rope and warmly welcomes Destro aboard the ship.

The Joes and Cobras continue to fight, however, even after Deep Six stops the Cobra sub with a missile from his suit, both of the Joes and the Cobra lose the bottle thanks to a crab that carries the perfume down into a hole. And Destro laughs on the boat since it is a “fitting end to an absurd scheme.”

The Baroness runs out of a room on the boat and runs toward the railing, however, Lady Jaye tackles the Cobra agent to the ground and listens to her whine. Telling her to save her whining for the judge, Lady Jaye discovers that the lady is actually a duchess who attended the party. Meanwhile, the Baroness leaps off the yacht and onto a Cobra boat. As she speeds away, she yells to Flint, “All’s fair in love and war.” Then, she throws a kiss in the breeze and tells Flint, “It could have been wonderful, Flint.” Seeing Flint waving good-bye to the Baroness, Lady Jaye asks, ”You sure that perfume wore off?” And Flint and Lady Jaye slip into each other’s arms and he kisses her on the cheek.

Socrates, who has watched the entire scene, rests his arms on the railings of his ship and sadly tells the wind, the full moon and himself, “I think I shall remain a bachelor.”

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