Let’s not and pretend we did, okay?
  -- Scarlett (after slapping Shipwreck in the face when he makes a pass at her)
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"Morons! I have morons on my payroll!"
- Cobra Commander (upon witnessing two agents failing to toss Flint and Lady Jaye off a yacht)

Flint and Lady Jaye glide into the base on MANTAs, avoid the laser blasts from Cobra and enter the lab. They recover the tablet and realize that the theft at the British Museum is connected to the Jackal’s bane. Telling Lady Jaye that they need to leave quickly, Cobra Commander appears on the screen and offers to show them the quickest way out. With a push of a button, explosions detonate behind the Joes and toss them to the other side of the room like ragdolls.

The Joes fall out of the base and into the water. Flint swims up to the surface and Lady Jaye tells him to hold the tablet up out of the water until she can translate the hieroglyphics. Before Flint is forced to drop the tablet into the water, she learns that the inscription was a recipe for a love potion that will cause a man to fall in love with the owner forever. As they swim to shore, she adds that she wouldn’t mind having a sample of the potion. Flint tells her that she doesn’t need the stuff and a fish hops into his face. Lady Jaye laughs and tells Flint to turn off his charm otherwise he is liable to attract a whale, and she notes that the Baroness is more the likely behind the scheme.

Destro berates Firefly for losing the stone tablet, however, Cobra Commander states that the tablet no longer matter since they have Eau de Cobra, a perfume that will make the Baroness irresistible to any man. Flint asks Breaker to transfer him to Short Fuse and Flint asks Short Fuse, who is reading a copy of the National Rag, who is the wealthiest bachelor in the world. Short Fuse informs Flint that the shipping tycoon, Socrates Airtes, holds the title and is holding a party on his yacht in a few days. With the Baroness as the wife to the owner of the world’s largest shipping fleet, Flint and Lady Jaye realize that Cobra could quickly become the owner of the shipping organization.

While on the yacht, the Baroness sprays herself with Eau de Cobra and causes Socrates to fall in love with her. Meanwhile, the Joes sneak onboard and Flint orders Deep Six, who is under the yacht in a SHARC, to stay below and watch for Cobra. Socrates whisks the Baroness away to dance and Cobra Commander, who is standing on a nearby ship, remarks that Socrates looks enraptured. “How would you know?” Destro sneers.

Cobra Commander replies that Destro is bit touchy, however, Destro then points out that two Joe agents, Flint and Lady Jaye have infiltrated the yacht. Cobra Commander orders two Cobra agents to attack the Joes, but Flint and Lady Jaye flip the Cobra agents over the side of the boat and Cobra Commander screams: “Morons! I have morons on my payroll!” Lady Jaye asks Flint if her hair looks okay and he replies, “Even Cobra can’t ruin your looks.”

Destro notes that the mission is taking a turn for the worst and plans to go to the boat to monitor the mission personally. Cobra Commander, who at first jokes with Destro that he believes the Baroness will succumb to Flint’s charm, forcefully tells Destro to stay on their boat, however, Destro will not be deterred. As Flint dances with the Baroness and promises to expose the Baroness, she sprays a heavy dose of the perfume at Flint and asks if she looks different. With the Joe under her control, the Baroness then orders Flint to dispose of the pesky Lady Jaye, who is failing to get a response from Socrates as she introduces herself to him.

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