Did all of your cash just do the big flash?
  -- Roadblock (after witnessing the disintegration of the money at a poker game)
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Credits: written by Christy Marx

Production Number: 600-02

Original Airdate: September 23, 1985

The newly-inaugurated Worldwide Defense Center, an international anti-terrorist databank, presents a serious threat to Cobra’s very existence. Their response: plant a bomb in the place, of course. With countless lives at stake - including their own - the Joes race the clock to find and defuse the explosive.

G.I.Joe: Spirit, Freedom, Lady Jaye, Gung Ho, Stalker, Doc, Recondo Cobra: Buzzer, Torch, Ripper, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Destro, Zartan, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: Skystriker, Sky Hawk, Dragonfly Cobra: FANG, Rattler, CLAW
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

If you are a fan of the movie Star Wars, you will probably recognize the lightsaber sound effects played whenever Zartan's armor glowed.

The hotel may have been named after the Taft-Hartley Labor Act, which was designed to improve relationships between labor and management and defined the US government's role in a labor strike.

An inking goof can be seen in the coloring of Gung Ho's pants as illustrated with the two shots above.


Blowtorch explains that if a fire starts in your home, get out and call for help from a neighbor's home.


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Movie Clip: Lady Jaye brushes aside Ripper's comment then knocks him down after pole-vaulting over him. [847 kb]

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