Hey! It ainít like he flushed it down the sewer.
  -- Shipwreck (to Lady Jaye after Dr. Mullaney places a formula inside his subconscious)
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- Destro (to a Cobra agent after watching Cobra Commander fall to certain death)

The other Joes continue their approach in the air and Destro notes that the Joes are fools to try and attack again and Cobra Commander turns to Destro and asks if this is the same Destro who told him earlier that he should not underestimate G.I.Joe.

Ace and the other Joes approach the base and then turn back once they are under attack by Cobra's soundwave machine, however, Cobra Commander wants to destroy the Joes. Therefore, he moves Destro out of the way and drives the ultra-sonic device to the edge of the ledge and turns the machine on at full blast. Grunt and Airborne fly their gliders up to the ledge that soundwave machine is resting upon and shoot away the structure. Cobra Commander and his weapon fall into the canyon below and a Crimson Guardsman shouts that the commander has fallen. "Pity," says Destro in a cold, uncaring voice. Fortunately, Cobra Commander was able to grab a cable and orders his soldiers to pull him up. Destro's hand is knocked aside as he offers to help to the commander and Cobra's leader strides forward to tell the sheik that it is time for his execution.

Scarlett, Gung Ho and Wild Bill exit a cavern under the base, scale a rock wall and spot Destro and Cobra Commander leading Prince Ali toward a helicopter. "Leaving the party so soon, Commander?" asks Scarlett. Destro tells Cobra Commander to keep moving toward the helicopter since they won't risk hitting the sheik. As soon as the Cobras reach the helicopter, Destro shoves the sheik to the ground and tells him that his usefulness has come to an end.

But Prince Ali wants justice for their attempt to destroy his country and grabs onto the helicopter. Destro smashes the Prince Ali's fingers and the prince falls. Aiming her crossbow at the falling Ali, Scarlett tells herself that she has one shot so she had better make it count. An arrow shoots forth draging a rope behind it. The arrow head expands and reveals itself as a boomerang that causes the arrow to turn back toward the Joes, and the rope loops around the prince. The Joes haul the prince up and he laments that Cobra has escape after thanking Scarlett for saving his life.

Later that night, Scarlett and the other Joes join Prince Ali for dinner and Scarlett tells the prince that he didn't have trouble himself with preparing a dinner for the Joes, but she is glad that he did. She never imagined that she would be eating at a prince's banquet table. The sheik then informs her that he didn't prepare dinner. Then Wild Bill yells a loud "Yeehaw" and enters the room with Roadblock and the two announce that dinner is ready. "Well, what are you waiting for?" asks Scarlett. "Let's get the chow on the table and dig in!"

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