Mother of Mercy - they're Joes.
  -- Grunt (upon seeing the skeleton remains of three Joes)
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"I thought the Joes never leave behind one of their own. Ha! Pure propaganda."
- a Crimson Guard (after seeing Ace fall to the ground while Roadblock and Gung Ho continue to retreat)

Scarlett and Wild Bill leave the palace, and Wild Bill is only slightly concerned about getting into trouble. As they fly away, Prince Ali wishes them luck in rescuing their friends.

Destro tells Cobra Commander in a told-you-so tone that he has underestimated the resourcefulness of the Joes as they both watch the Joes escape. Ace falls and the Cobra guards capture him. "I thought the Joes never leave behind one of their own," says one Cobra agent, "Ha! Pure propaganda." Then Gung Ho drops down from a boulder and attacks two Cobras. Ace smashes the heads of his two guards and Roadblock knocks away the remaining Cobras' weapons and simply growls at them. They turn and run away as quickly as possible.

Shooting at the ceiling in the cavern, Ace and the other Joes bring down enough rubble to prevent Cobra from chasing them for a few hours. The Joes turn and begin to walk through the cavern, but they reach a fork in the cavern. Not knowing which of the two routes to take, Ace pulls out a coin and states theat Lady Luck will decide. The coin lands on heads and before Ace decides to go right, Gung Ho grabs Ace's coin and tells him that he's not about to trust luck and that the Joes are going right. As they continue their march, Ace asks Gung Ho, "Can I at least have my coin back?"

Cobra commences their attack on the oil field and the Joes try to repel the attack.

Ace, Roadblock and Gung Ho reach a dead end, but Ace notes that the ground is wet. He plants his gun's barrel into the ground as well as the the other Joes' guns and tells them that the overload will create a hole they can use to escape, and hopefully the roof won't fall in on them. The guns explode and the ceiling begins to collapse, so the Joes jump into the hole and luckily they land in a river.

After Flint nails a CLAW he wonders where in the blazes everybody is while the oil field is under attack. Scarlett finds Ace, Roadblock and Gung Ho and the Joes return to the palace's oil field, where Prince Ali is kidnapped by Major Bludd and two other Cobra agents who are dressed as merchants.

Ace and the other Joes arrive back at the palace, climb into their Skystrikers and fly into the air to repel Cobra's forces. The latecomers destroy a few of the Rattlers and CLAWs and soon their enemies are retreating. As Flint, Breaker and Flint watch Cobra fly away, Airborne grabs his head in pain. Breaker asks Flint if he is suffering from shell shock, however, Flint tells him that Airborne has some sort ESP (extra-sensory perception) according to his file. When the pain has ended Airborne explains that the Prince has been kidnapped by Cobra. Flint orders the Skystrikers into the desert to find the prince.

As the Joes fly toward Cobra's base, Wild Bill wonders how they are supposed to attack when Cobra could shake them to pieces. "So let's shuffle the deck," says Ace. Landing near the same hole in the ground Gung Ho and the other Joes were found earlier, Wild Bill, Gung Ho and Scarlett lower a raft and themselves into the river and drive to the Cobra base.

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