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  -- Duke (talking to Rock 'n' Roll before playing in the Average Joe Band)
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Credits: written by Ted Pederson

Production Number: 600-04

Original Airdate: October 17, 1985

Cobra mounts an all-out attack on the oil fields of a Middle Eastern sheikdom. Their insurance policy: a sonic-wave device that rattles planes apart in mid-air.

G.I.Joe: Ace, Gung Ho, Roadblock, Scarlett, Flint, Airborne, Wild Bill, Breaker, Grunt Cobra: Major Bludd, Cobra Commander, Wild Weasel, Destro, Crimson Guards, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: Skystriker, Armadillo, PAC/RAT missile launcher, VAMP, MOBAT, Wolverine, Dragonfly, FLAK, Slugger, APC, Falcon glider, Slugger Cobra: Rattler, CLAW

As Flint and Airborne fire at a few Cobra Rattlers and CLAWs, there is a voice-over that seems to be out of place because as Flint follows a Rattler with a firing gun, he calmly explains while shooting at the Cobra forces that there are so many Joes missing then yells after destroying one of the Rattlers, "Where the heck is everybody?" Maybe Sunbow decided to cut out a scene with conversation and then place the dialogue in one of the fight scenes to liven it up. [928 kb]

Airborne's ESP powers are revealed for the first time in this episode and are explored further during "Operation Mind Menace."




Note: The starting point of Gung Ho's line "Something mean, ugly and real unfriendly" in the original airing was moved from points 1 and 2 to point 3.
Time: 15 seconds


Time: 8 seconds


Time: 4 seconds


Time: 7 seconds


Time: 3.5 seconds


Time: 11 seconds


Donít pet a strange animal or it might attack you, and back away slowly if you run into an angry stray dog.
Same as original


Rambo IV
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