What are you clowns doing up there?!
  -- Wet-Suit (after a rocket explodes near him)
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"Aww, I'm stuck in traffic!"
- Thunder (while reporting his position to Duke)

Realizing that the creature needs ships in order to feed itself, Duke believes it will head toward New York. Wild Bill, who is standing on a bridge, spots the creature and tells the others that it is moving like lightning. After Duke is told by Breaker that the tanks are in position and that the Mauler is stuck in traffic by Thunder, Duke decides to hunt the creature on his own with a Skystriker.

Moments before the mechanical serpent attacks a ferry with hundreds of passengers, Duke fires two missiles into the creature's mouth in attempt to stop it, however, the serpent remains unharmed and Duke radios the MOBATs and Maulers on the pier to fire at the serpent. But their shots are just as ineffective as Duke's missiles.

Lasers shoot from the serpent's eyes and set fires in the city, but with the streets empty, the Mauler is able to drive forward and take two shots at the serpent before it is destroyed. Lady Jaye tells Professor Braxton that they need to find a way to stop the serpent. Professor Braxton creates an energy bleed and the serpent falls into the water and swims toward the ships to replenish its energy supply. Alpine drives the WHALE and tells Bazooka to grab his bazooka and to fire at the creature as soon as he passes over the serpent's nose. Bazooka fires into the water and chokes as the water splashes on him; and Alpine just shakes his head. Suddenly, the serpent's head rises from the water and the WHALE is stuck on top of the serpent's head.

The hovercraft and the Joes fall into the water and as soon as Alpine resurfaces, he calls out for his friend. But he is nowhere to be found. Under the water, Bazooka hangs onto a fin on the tail until he is above the water. He fires two shots at the serpent's head and the monster turns and tries to bite Bazooka, but he dives into the water and the serpent bites its own tail. Caught in a ourourbic shape, the serpent damages itself and sinks to the bottom of the harbor.

Tomax, Xamot, the Baroness and Destro agree that the time to strike is now.

When asked where he has been by Alpine, Bazooka simply replies: "Fishin'." Cobra Eels jump out of Firebats and swim down to the serpent with the aid of rocket packs underwater. Lady Jaye removes a piece of debris on top of Professor Braxton's leg and carries him out after learning that his leg is broken, and they attempt to reach the red room. Cobra Commander shoots a speaker that is repeating the words "Coffee Break" and walks out of the red room with a Cobra agent. Entering a corridor, Cobra Commander, who is carrying a gun, turns to the Cobra agent and says, "Uh, you first."

As a Cobra submarine drops cables down to the Eels, who attach the hooks on the cables to the mouth of the serpent, Deep Six drops off three Joe divers and knocks of the ring supporting the cables on the Cobra submarine with two missiles.

Lady Jaye, Professor Braxton and Bucky find the ejection chamber and Professor Braxton explains that it is the only way out. As soon as Lady Jaye opens the door, Bucky growls and Cobra Commander invites the two into the room at gunpoint. The Cobra agent shuts the door and when Lady Jaye sets Dr. Braxton on the ground, he refuses to tell Cobra Commander how to escape. A speaker above Cobra Commander asks repeatedly, "Will you work?" Cobra's leader shoots the speaker and several enforcer elements appear and attack not only Cobra Commander but Lady Jaye. Quick Kick kicks open the door, which smashes the Cobra agent against the wall, and he using shears to cut the enforcers that have ensnared Lady Jaye. Grabbing Professor Braxton, Quick Kick follows Lady Jaye out of the room while Cobra Commander is ejected from the serpent's head.

The Eels abandon the fight with the Joes and swim away to save their commander. The Joes give a thumbs up to one another and return home. A large wench raises the serpent's head out of the water and Quick Kick, Lady Jaye and Professor Braxton climb out of the serpent to greet their friends while Bucky jumps into the arms of a relieved and elated Jimmy.

Professor Braxton thanks Bazooka and tells him that he is brave lad. Bazooka replies that the job was nothing, and then Alpine, who wants to get a picture of the prize catch, tells everyone to look at the camera and say "cheese dip." As Jimmy jumps into the air, everybody raises a hand into the air and shouts: "YO JOE!"

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