Holiday blues, I guess...
  -- Duke (responding Tripwire's question about the cause of Mutt's depression)
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Credits: written by Buzz Dixon

Production Number: 600-73

Original Airdate: September 15, 1986

With Cobra seemingly "out of business" the Joes canít seem to find enough to keep them busy, and seek out recreational activities - that is until Cobra Commander stages a surprise attack! The only thing that turns the tide is Sgt. Slaughter. While Sgt. Slaughter runs the Joes through remedial boot camp, Dr. Mindbender dreams of creating a new Cobra leader!

G.I.Joe: Alpine*, Scarlett*, Lady Jaye*, Bazooka*, Iceberg*, Recondo*, Wild Bill, Gung Ho*, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Polly, General Hawk, Flint, Duke, Beach Head, Wet-Suit, Leatherneck, Sci Fi*, Low-Light, Cross Country, Lifeline, Lift-Ticket, Slipstream, Mainframe, Dial-Tone, Sgt. Slaughter, Generic Joes*, Doc*, Quick Kick*, Airtight*, Barbecue*, Snake Eyes*, Airborne*, Ace*, Mutt*, Spirit* Cobra: Cobra Commander, Destro, Tomax, Xamot, Motor Vipers*, Scrap Iron, BATs, Crimson Guards*, Dr. Mindbender, Serpentor*, Cobra Officers*, Strato Viper, Zartan, Zandar*, Zarana*, Monkeywrench, Thrasher, Ripper, Buzzer, Torch
G.I.Joe: Triple T Tank, Tomahawk, Conquest X-30 Cobra: Stun, Night Raven, Thunder Machine
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Although the Ron Friedman is credited with writing the teleplay, Buzz Dixon wrote the entire miniseries.

The sign that appears outside Cobra's base (St. Vitus Dance Academy) in the first act is an example of a rather morbid play on words. St. Vitus Dance, also known as Sydenham's Chorea and Rheumatic Chorea, is a temporary disorder that affects the part of the brain that controls movement. The disease is not contagious and is more common in girls who are between the ages of 5 and 15. Those afflicted with the disease display the following symptons: rapid, irregular and involuntary movements of the muscles in the limbs and face, weakness, decreased muscle tone and clumsiness. The disorder is named after St. Vitus, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers who is the patron of epileptics, dancers and actors.

The first shot of Lifeline shows him incorrectly wearing clear glasses rather than with a green tint.

As seen with the image on the left, Roadblock's sleeves were incorrectly inked green instead of white.


Dial-Tone explains that a ventilation system and wearing masks while spraying painting prevents hazards to your health.


Karate Kid II
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Barbie and the Rockers

Movie Clip: Part two episode preview sequence [907 kb]

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