Bugs and snakes and jungle - this job ain't fun any more.
  -- Roadblock (marching through a jungle with Recondo and Blowtorch)
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Act I (1.50 mb - 23 pages)
Act II (1.70 mb - 22 pages)
Act III (1.54 mb - 22 pages)
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While some of the scenes and bits of dialogue were modified before the episode was aired, the script, which has a revised draft date of May 17, 1984, includes the following cut scenes:

Act I
· Pages 4 through 5 - Cobra agent on a CLAW lands and blast his way into a oil tanker control room
· Page 11 - Similar to the episode's outline, Sparks complains about having nothing to do and is then ordered by Duke to build a device that will pierce Cobra's cloaking device

Act II
· Pages 6 through 10 - Destro watches as Cobra Commander becomes irrate because France wishes to negotiate before surrendering and Scarlett, who is disguised as an old woman, asks a distressed grocery store owner for directions to a house and tells him that Cobra will not succeed, however, he is not optimistic

· Page 3 - After Major Bludd orders the Yanomamo tribesmen to pursue Ace and Duke, the story does not shift back to Joe Headquarters, where Sparks is trying to build a remote frequency scanner; in fact, the script never mentions that Sparks is trying to assemble the scanner

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