Any time, baby, any time.
  -- Ace (in response to Wild Weseal's threat of revenge)
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While most of the outline includes a dialogue and scene descriptions that were changed before the episode aired, some of the more notable cuts and edits are listed below:
· Edit - Genaral Flagg was replaced by Col. Sharp in the episode
· Edit - General Flagg's narration was replaced with a voiceover by Cobra Commander
· Edit - scenes of FANGs and Cobra agents attacking oil-related facilites were changed to Rattlers attacking in the opening montage
· Edit - Only Col. Sharp and Sparks are at Joe headquarters at the beginning of the episode
· Cut - after Sparks complains that he has nothing to do, Duke barks over the radio, "Do nothin', my eye! Put your college education to work and penetrate that cloaking device, you goldbrick!"
· Cut - After their parachutes are shot to pieces, Ace and Duke fall into a river and meet caimans, the South American cousin to the crocodile
· Cut - shots of Los Angeles traffic at a standstill and factories shut down were not animated
· Cut - While disguised as an elderly woman, Scarlett's asks a "Mr. Whipple" type of man for directions to a house
· Edit - A scene with a member of the Yanomamo tribe taking aim at Ace, who was pretending to suffer from internal bleeding, was changed to Ace being led to a pit of snakes
· Edit - In the outline, Sparks pushes a few buttons to trace the Cobra Commander's remote detonator signal instead of building a remote frequency scanner
· Edit - Torpedo, not Scarlett, destroys Cobra's cloaking device in the outline
· Edit - Cobra Commander and Destro are captured, however, they escape in the episode
· Cut - shots of Los Angeles traffic moving and working factories are seen as Duke and Scarlett fly over the city

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