Pacifists in G.I.Joe! What is happening to this outfit?
  -- Beach Head (after overhearing Lifeline refusing to help repair a helicopter)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Locust & Cobra Piranha (1990)

The clip begins with Freefall turning away from the audience and flying the G.I.Joe Locust towards the river, where Cobra Piranhas are racing to safety. Sunbow maintains a sense of perspective with the moving object in this beautifully rendered sequence, but nothing is perfect. An animation goof can be seen as the Locust pulls away from the fourth wall. The last cel has a Locust with Captain Grid-Iron on the railings and is followed by another Locust with another Captain Grid Iron. One of the characteristics about the G.I.Joe team is the sense of individuality among its members; no two Joes are alike in personality or in appearance, thus seeing a band of different people uniting for a common cause is a far more noble sight than a team of Photocopied People.
Gotta love the ingenuity of the animators. If you need to save time in an aquatic battle, then show lots of surf close-ups. Sure, the screen looks white for a few seconds and perhaps too many times, but it looks good, right? The animation sequence also has a sample of the chorus used during the toy advertisements in 1990, which is composed of an all-female cast.

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