Emmie, I told you never to make that surprise stew again!
  -- a farmer (to his wife while running away from a giant germ)
Home Toy Commercial Animation Darklon's Evader & G.I.Joe Arctic Blast (1989)

Running with Darklon, who is wearing a black mask and looks like he should be part of Tiger Force, Destro returns to the commercial animation scene.
The creativity of Sunbow's design and animation staff in area of architecture has always impressed me, so I wish I could have seen more of Destro's base. However, the arcitc base's draw bridge seems out of place since it is unlikely that a moat would be present in the icy wastelands. Perhaps Destro's mind is freezing. After all, it's not like he has heating units built into the mask.
Like in the Rolling Thunder animation sequence, Storm Shadow is behind the wheel and takes the Joes, Stalker and Snake Eyes, on a wild ride. Strangely, the sound of screeching rubber tires on concrete is heard as Storm Shadow swings the G.I.Joe Arctic Blast 180 degrees on the ice.

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