Very iffy.
  -- Xamot (examining Shipwreck's health after an intense interrogation session)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Rolling Thunder (1988)

As demonstrated by the Rolling Thunder, if you think your weapons are too small, then there's only one solution - build 'em bigger! The sky is a very unusual color and I can't decide if the color is due to a dust storm or not. Nevertheless, the pus-colored look is not very attractive. (Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. The color is maize, but you have to admit that it does look like pus...)
Storm Shadow is behind the wheel and nearly tips over during a wild ride, but the ninja is never off-balance, so he brings all of the wheels back on the ground and peels away.
If the Joes can't hit a target within spitting distance of them, something is very wrong with their weapons or motor skills. Compared to the thin streaks of red and blue in the past, the bubbly look to the laser blast is an intriguing design and is reminiscent of the laser blasts seen in the television series Robotech.

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