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  -- Alpine (before punching Xamot, who explains that he feels everything that his brother experiences)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Thunderclap (1989)

Why waste ammo when you can just run over the enemy? Similar to the animation sequence for the G.I.Joe Mobile Command Center, the Thunderclap literally crushes the competition.
Unlike the transformation sequence for the Cobra Maggot, the animated shots of the Thunderclap accurately depict the seperation of the toy.
After watching this animation sequence only a couple of times, I could easily believe it was recycled from a commercial for the 92nd issue of the comic book series. Prior to the destruction of the Cobra forces there was a building in the background (16 kb) that could have been part of the city Cobra invaded in the comic, which introduced the G.I.Joe Thunderclap.

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