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Home Toy Commercial Animation Cobra Imp & G.I.Joe Swampmasher (1988)

Like the animation sequence for the G.I.Joe APV, Desert Fox and Cobra Stiletto, the colors for the Cobra Imp, G.I.Joe Swampmasher and the rest of the background are very lush. The use of sunbeams is a nice touch, too.
Thanks to Storm Shadow's superior driving skills, the Swampmasher avoids the land mines dropped by the Cobra Imp's missiles. The trails created in the water are a great effect, and with the camera angles starting from low to high and allowing the Swampmasher to drive closer to the view, the energy of the moment reaches critical mass and then -
- the Joes strike back at Cobra with their own armament. The splinter-look to the exploding vehicle behind the fleeing Cobra agent is also a nice change from the cloud-like appearances that engulfs the vehicle.

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