No tipping, please.
  -- Cobra robot consignor (to the Joes after introducing the Cobra Cuties)
Home Toy Commercial Animation Tomax & Xamot (1985)

To emphasize the characteristics of Tomax and Xamot, twins who share each other's pain and thoughts, a split screen is used to show one's reaction while the other is in trouble. For example, Xamot is being choked by Bazooka and Tomax reenacts his brother's struggle to free himself from the Joe's grip.
The alignment of the characters to form a wedge is very similar to the first season's opening sequence in which Flint is also the tip of the wedge. On the right hand side and in back row of the wedge is the third animated verison of Snake Eyes.
The cels with the running Crimson Guards is repeated but the obviousness is nearly buried with the addition of two other components in the scene: another Crimson Guard who runs out of formation and close to the camera and the appearance of Tomax and Xamot riding a Cobra Ferret along the ramp. The lyrics sound like they were sung by an angry blues singer and originally appeared in the comic book commercial for issue #37 along with all of the animated scenes in this sequence. The lyrics are:
"Until now, Joe's had it easy
But now it's gonna get real hard
Cobra's hired evil twin brothers
Leaders of the Crimson Guard"

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