You better pack for a long stay in intensive care because when I’m done with your cub scouts - I’m coming after you!"
  -- Leatherneck (to Buck McCann before the Cobra cadets hunt the Joe in a forest)
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"What’s the matter? Surprised I went to college?"
- Sgt. Slaughter (to Lifeline, who did not know Sgt. Slaughter is fluent ancient Greek)

As Cobra Night Ravens clash with G.I.Joe Conquest X-30s in the sky, Slipstream radios the USS Flagg that two bandits are behind him. On the Joes’ aircraft carrier, General Hawk comments to Beach Head that the Joes must win the battle near the Suez Cannel, otherwise, as Beach Head points out, the Joes can draw a big red X through the Middle East.

Slipstream loops over the two Night Ravens, shoots one of the planes down and corrects his count via radio to Dial-Tone, who cheers on his teammate. As Slipstream shoots down the other plane, Cobra Vipers are engaged in a firefight with Snake Eyes, Recondo and Dusty on a nearby beach.

Spotting his teammates in trouble, Slipstream radios Dial-Tone for back-up, and Lifeline and Lift-Ticket dash to their Tomahawk and climb aboard. However, before they fly away, a giant spacecraft glides from the sky toward the ocean, causing all of the battles end abruptly.

Beach Head suggests that they shoot down the craft since it could be a new Cobra weapon, however, General Hawk explains that G.I.Joe does not shoot first and ask questions later.

“Shoot first and ask questions later!” yells Dr. Mindbender. Two cannons on a Cobra Terrordrome fire at the ship and a golden cone falls from the ship and lands on the island near some ancient Greek ruins. General Hawk and Beach Head, who are unable to identify the object, watch it fall, and General Hawk then orders Beach Head to take Lady Jaye and a group of Joes to recover the golden cone.

Aboard a Tomahawk, Beach Head explains to Wet-Suit, Leatherneck, Lady Jaye and Sgt. Slaughter that they are on a mission to retrieve an unknown object. Curious as to why they are leaving the battle if they are unsure about the object, Lady Jaye is told by Sgt. Slaughter that their mission is following the “strategy of denial.” In other words, the Joes may not be able to do anything with the glowing cone, but they definitely do not want Cobra to use it against the Joes.

At the Terrordrome, the Baroness reports to Dr. Mindbender that the cone is metallic, glowing and coil-shaped, and Dr. Mindbender greedily tells her that he wants it. After the Baroness assures Dr. Mindbender that they will recover the coil, Cobra Flight Pods and Morays leave the Terrordrome on a recovery mission.

The Joes land on the island, and as they approach the coil, Lifeline tells Lady Jaye that if the coil is a weapon, he doesn’t want become involved. Suddenly, Cobra Flight Pods, Night Ravens and Hydrofoils attack the Joes. Vipers and BATs jump off of the Hydrofoils and onto a beach and continue to press their attack.

Lift-Ticket flies a Tomahawk into the air and destroys a Trouble Bubble. Unfortunately, another Flight Pod damages the blades on the Tomahawk and Lift-Ticket is forced to land on the island and dodge the shots from the Flight Pod while racing for cover.

The Baroness tries to sneak behind the Joes, however, Lifeline tackles her to the ground. But she fires a shot that hits the coil. Sparks begin to radiate from the coil and all of the Joes and Cobras become disoriented. “Whoa! I have felt this bad since that night in Hong Kong,” says Leatherneck while gripping his head.

The BATs begin to malfunction, the ruined building rebuilds itself and then the sparks stop. Dr. Mindbender shakes off the coil’s effects, releases his Night Raven’s drone ship and orders the Baroness to retrieve the coil.

The Vipers continue to attack the Joes, who are forced to retreat into a nearby building. After Lady Jaye angrily notes that there are too many Cobras, Lifeline catches sight of a Cobra agent grabbing the coil. Lady Jaye pursues him with her gun blazing, however, the Viper is able to place the coil inside the drone.

Lady Jaye climbs on top of the drone, pries open the lid and then climbs inside to deactivate the remote control and attack Dr. Mindbender’s Night Raven. After saying adios to Dr. Mindbender, she then searches for the USS Flagg.

Since his plane is too badly damaged to continue the fight, Dr. Mindbender orders the Baroness and her forces to retreat.

After the Cobra agents leave, Lifeline looks up at the ruined temple and notices that it looks new. The Joes stare at the temple in disbelief as well and watch two men approach the frozen BATs. Lifeline wonders what language the men are using and Sgt. Slaughter explains that they are talking in Greek and then adds that the men believe the Joes must be gods since the BATs appear to be frozen. Lifeline is shocked to know that Sgt. Slaughter learned about ancient Greece in college. “What’s the matter? Surprised I went to college?” asks Sgt. Slaughter as he leans menacingly over Lifeline.

Elsewhere, Lady Jaye flies to the Flagg’s last known position, but she is unable to find the aircraft carrier. Suddenly, the engines in the Night Raven Drone quit working and Lady Jaye falls toward the ocean while urging the piece of Cobra junk to fly again.

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