This is going to be fun.
  -- Zartan (while watching a trolley race towards three Joes frozen on the tracks)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Bridgelayer & AWE Striker (1985)

The Cobra Ferret and the Crimson Guard are not mentioned or seen in the live-action section of the advertisement, but they are part of the high-speed chase across a desert.
Crankcase makes his animated debut while pursuing a Cobra Ferret in an AWE Striker.
Moments after the Cobra Ferret crosses the bridge, the Rattler destroys it, a problem that is mimicked and solved with the aid of the Bridgelayer in the live-action segment of the advertisement. The song contains a fast drumbeat in the beginning, however, the animation sequence's song lyrics do not mention any of the vehicles or individual characters:
"Catching Cobra is really tough, you know,
and Cobra's up to something bad for G.I.Joe"

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