Where the Joes are involved, no victory is ever guaranteed.
  -- Baroness (to Tomax and Xamot after they promise to defeat the Joes)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Skystriker, Dragonfly & Cobra Rattler (1984)

The clip begins as Wild Bill breaks down the fourth wall and tells the audience: "This is Wild Bill aboard the Dragonfly `copter." The Dragonfly then floats away from the camera and the camera switches to show Destro in a Cobra Rattler flying down from the sun.
As demonstrated by the center image above, the animators are now starting to connect the ads with the cartoon show by changing past commercial character designs. In the Destro's case, the eyes have been changed to green and thick, black eyebrows have been added to the mask.
Ace has also undergone some design changes. Previously seen with a dark green helmet in issue #19's commercial, Ace now wears a white helmet and flight suit. Oddly, the flight suit's design is similar to the Micheline Tire Man. The animation may have been recycled from a commercial for issue #28.

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