Have the harpies of the shore come to pluck the eagle of the sea?
  -- Admiral Lattimer (to Admiral Overton and General Hawk after the USS Montana docks)
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Issue #28: Swampfire!
Publication Date: October 1984
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Marie Severin
Inker: Andy Mushynsky
Lettering: Rick Parker
Colorist: George Roussos


"Won't and can't are two words I don't believe in!"
- Roadblock (while placing a damaged turret gun on his back)

Mutt, Junkyard, Torpedo and Tripwire return to Cutter's ship and point out Zartan's base on a map for Duke. As Zartan informs Cobra Commander about his suspicions regarding the Joes return with a larger assault force, an idea supported by Destro, the Baroness adds that she ordered the transfer of three Rattlers to Florida, and Cobra prepares for battle. Steeler sideswipes a police car while driving out of a railroad car with a MOBAT. But as the unnerved police chief in the car follows the Joes, he suddenly finds himself in a battle with Cobra robots controlled by Cobra Commander, who is inside Zartan's shack. Destro and Wild Weasel enter the battle with Cobra Rattlers. Although Wild Weasel destroys the police car, Deep Six, who is aboard the WHALE hovercraft, shoots down Destro's Rattler thanks to Roadblock's help. Elsewhere, Zartan and the Dreadnoks travel north to find the Joes' base.

G.I.Joe: Torpedo, Mutt, Junkyard, Torpedo, Cutter, Deep Six, Wild Bill, Duke, Roadblock, Breaker, Steeler, Doc, Clutch Cobra: Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness, Buzzer, Ripper, Torch, Firefly, Wild Weasel, Major Bludd
G.I.Joe: Dragonfly, WHALE, MOBAT Cobra: Water Moccasin, Rattler, HISS

[ issue28.zip - 735 kb - 19 seconds (unconfirmed) ]

Wild Bill breaks the fourth wall by introducing himself and his helicopter, however, Destro attacks and the Dragonfly pilot radios Ace that Cobra has arrived. "Skystriker'll teach him some manners," Ace replies while streaking behind Destro's Rattler. Two Rattlers take off from a refinery plant and engage three MOBAT tanks, but two WHALE hovercrafts swiftly cross a nearby body of water and shoot at the Cobra planes. And as a lone paratrooper slowly drops to the ground, Duke and Steeler guide their hovercraft to land, where they are greeted with two of Cobra's HISS tanks. But the WHALE continues its advance on land while firing every cannon and gun in its arsenal.

G.I.Joe: Ace, Wild Bill, Steeler, Duke Cobra: Destro
G.I.Joe: Dragonfly, Skystriker, WHALE Cobra: Rattler, HISS

Like the commercial for issue 25, Frank Welker (Wild Bill), Patrick Fraley (Ace) and Arthur Burghardt (Destro) enhanced the fantasy of the story and strengthened the ties between the G.I.Joe comic, animation and toy line by providing the voices for the Joes and the lone Cobra agent.

Due to the dramatic shift in the quality of animation, does the clip with Wild Bill, Ace and Destro belong with the other clips featuring the Rattler and WHALE? Daniel DeCesare shared his memory of the comic book commercial: "There was also a commercial for issue #28 of the comic. The animation of the Dragonflies attacking the Rattlers is from this commercial. During the comic commercial, the G.I.Joe theme song is playing the whole time. So even though Wild Bill's lips are moving, you do not know what he is saying. Just as Destro is about to hit Wild Bill, Destro is hit with laserfire. The screen pans down to show three Hovercrafts in water firing at the Rattlers. The Hovercrafts ride onto solid land and continue firing as the Rattlers fly overhead. Then there is an explosion, and the cover of #28 is shown. The second half of the animation sequence was used in the commercial for the Hovercrafts."

Scenes from the commercial were reused in the animation segments for following toy advertisements:
· G.I.Joe Skystriker and Dragonfly and the Cobra Rattler
· G.I.Joe WHALE and Cobra Rattler

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