Shipwreck's a crook! Shipwreck's a crook!
  -- Polly (after Flint asks Shipwreck how he knows so much about an old smuggler's hideout)
Home Toy Commercial Animation Action figures & G.I.Joe Polar Battle Bear (1983)

By showing all the moments of the battle in the same location, the animators would only need to create the characters and vehicles, a move that saved time and money. Like two previous animation sequences, the Cobra agents wear gold-colored suspenders and blue gloves and masks.
It's strange to see the Cobra agents firing at the Joes and then retreating from a vehicle that doesn't fire a single shot. I guess that's your typical Cobra agent.
Like the previous scenes, which were recycled from the commercial for issue #11 of the comic book series, the last shot features Gung Ho leading several other Joes into battle.

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