Yes. Odd, isn't it, how time flies?
  -- Cobra Commander (replying to Ripcord's questions about Mutt's promised time to escape)
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"Lasers in the Night," "Excalibur," "The Funhouse" and "The Germ"
Release Date:
Video One
Australia (PAL)
· Movie trailer for The Color of Money
· Jem and Transformers video and toy commercial
· US first season opening sequence
· "Lasers in the Night" (~20 minutes 15 seconds)
· "Excalibur" (~20 minutes 13 seconds)
· "The Funhouse" (~20 minutes)
· "The Germ" (~20 minutes)
· US first season closing sequence

· Marv Wolfman was not credited as the writer of "Lasers in the Night"
· Dan Di Stefano was not credited as the writer of "Excalibur"
· Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty were not credited as the writers of "The Funhouse"
· Roger Slifer was not credited as the writer of "The Germ"
· The back cover art does not have an episode summary for "Lasers in the Night" and erroneously states that "The Gamesmaster" was included on the video
· The cover art also appears on the following videos: St. Michael - 2587/5822, Rhino - Vol. 3, Tempo - V8915, Good View - 1761.144 and Tempo - V9004 (partially used)
· The Storm Shadow artwork originally appeared on the toy package; a recreation of the artwork appeared on the following videos: Tempo - V9003 and Tempo - 92732

My thanks to Rod Hannah for helping me acquire this video

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