No tipping, please.
  -- Cobra robot consignor (to the Joes after introducing the Cobra Cuties)
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"Sink the Montana"
Release Date:
Tempo - V9201
United Kingdom (PAL)
· Voiceover stating that a new Action Force video would be available in the Autumn and during Christmas while animation from the opening sequence of Action Force: The Movie appears on the screen
· UK "Weather Dominator" opening sequence
· Sink the Montana:" Acts I & II (~11 minutes 6 seconds)
· Commercials for Action Force Devilfish & Cobra Hydrosled, Cobra Rattler & Action Force HAVOC, Action Force WHALE and Dreadnok Thunder Machine
· "Sink the Montana:" Act III (~9 minutes 57 seceonds)
· US second season closing sequence
· UK commercials for Pretender Transformers, Powermaster Transformers and Optimus Prime Powermaster
· Commercials for videos of Action Force: The Movie, The Transformers, Action Adventure - Volume I, Jem, Sparky's Magic Piano, Spot's First Video, The Shoe People and The Moon Dreamers

· David Carren is credited as the writer for the episode, which was edited seven times
· The label is white with black writing and has a green triangle with a U (Universal - suitable for all ages)
· The tape is packaged in a cardboard sleeve and has the measurements 4 1/8" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/8"
· According to the back of the box, four other tapes were available: "Captives of Cobra" (V9003), "Worlds Without End" (V9004), "Pyramids of Darkness" (V9015; sic), "Arise, Serpentor, Arise!" (V9080) and Action Force: The Movie (V9135)
· The image of Hawk in the top right corner on the back of the box also appeared on the following videos: Good View - 1761.144 and Rhino - Vol. 3 (partially used & reversed); the image was included in the third Yearbook

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