They played the tune that made men swoon.
  -- Roadblock (summarizing in two lines the power of the Conch of the Sirens)
Home Videos Tempo - V9163

"There's No Place Like Springfield (Parts 1 & 2)," "The Spy Who Rooked Me"
Release Date:
Tempo - V9163
United Kingdom (PAL)
· UK "Weather Dominator" opening sequence
· "There's No Place Like Springfield (Part I)" (~20 minutes 8 seconds)
· "There's No Place Like Springfield (Part II)" (~17 minutes 23 seconds)
· US first season closing sequence
· "The Spy Who Rooked Me" (~19 minutes 55 seconds)
· US second season closing sequence

· Steve Gerber was not credited as the writer for "There's No Place Like Springfield (Parts 1 & 2)," which was edited 9 times during the first half and 5 times during the second half
· The recap during the second episode, which features original animated scenes, was removed; also, the scene in which Althea tells Shipwreck that he is "a drip" was cut
· Susan K. Williams received credit as the writer for "The Spy Who Rooked Me," which contained 15 audio dubs
· The label is white with black writing and has a green triangle with a U (Universal - suitable for all) rating
· The tape is packaged in a black plastic box with a sleeve on the outside for the artwork, which has the dimensions 10 1/8" x 7 11/16"
· The description on the back of the box incorrectly states that Shipwreck has a son (instead of a daughter) in the two-part episode "There's No Place Like Springfield"
· The back of the video advertised Action Force: The Movie (V9135)
· The image of Dr. Mindbender orginally appeared in the episode "Once Upon a Joe," which was written by Buzz Dixon

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