He lost it!
  -- two Strato-Vipers (to Cobra Commander while pointing fingers at one another)
Home Videos Tempo - 9152

G.I.Joe Episode:
"Where the Reptiles Roam"
Release Date:
Tempo - 9152
United Kingdom (PAL)
· G.I.Joe: "Where the Reptiles Roam" (~20 minutes 8 seconds)
· Inhumanoids: "Negative Polarity" (~20 minutes 25 seconds)
· Closing sequence for Inhumanoids (1 minute 6 seconds)
· The Transformers: "Starscream's Brigade" (~20 minutes 53 seconds)
· The Transformers US first season closing sequence

· Gerry and Carla Conway did not receive credit for writing "Where the Reptiles Roam"
· Number of edits in "Where the Reptiles Roam": 7 [also removed Alpine's line: "I think those bums set us up."]
· Hector Ramirez (first seen in the G.I.Joe episode "Twenty Questions") makes an appearance in the Inhumanoids episode "Negative Polarity"
· Michael Charles Hill did not receive credit for writing "Starscream's Brigade"

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