Hey! It ainít like he flushed it down the sewer.
  -- Shipwreck (to Lady Jaye after Dr. Mullaney places a formula inside his subconscious)
Home Videos Tempo - V9015

"The Pyramid of Darkness (Parts 1-5)"
Release Date:
Tempo - V9015
United Kingdom (PAL)
· UK "Weather Dominator" opening sequence
· "The Pyramid of Darkness (Parts 1-5)" (~1 hour 36 minutes 40 seconds)
· US first season closing (without the credits)

· Ron Friedman was not credited as the writer of the miniseries, which was edited 74 times
· The previews future episodes and reviews of prior episodes were not included
· The back of the package includes images of the covers for Tempo's V9003 & V9004 as well artwork from the 1985 figures
· The artwork on the front of the package was recycled for the second Rhino video
· The front cover artwork also appears on the following videos: Billy Clap - 571575, Rhino - Vol. 2, Collins - 940724B and Good View - 1761.113
· The image of Zartan and Destro on the front cover artwork also appears on Collins - 940724B and Video Van Enterprises - Vol. 7
· The images of Lady Jaye, Shipwreck and Snake Eyes originated from the toy package artwork; the image of Snake Eyes also appeared on a Video One release

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