Great shooting, General Hawk. That oughta win you a cupie doll.
  -- Sci Fi (after General Hawk destroys a giant snake)
Home Videos Tempo - 94862

"Once Upon a Joe," "Cold Slither," "The Pit of Vipers" & "The Invaders"
Release Date:
Tempo - 94862
United Kingdom (PAL)
· Blue screen with the words "G.I.Joe The Action Force Super Video"
· UK "Weather Dominator" opening sequence
· "Once Upon a Joe" (~20 minutes 10 seconds)
· US second season closing (30 seconds)
· UK "Weather Dominator" opening sequence
· Black screen with "Action Force - Cold Slither" in yellow letters
· "Cold Slither" (~20 minutes)
· US first season closing sequence
· US first season opening sequence
· Blue screen with "Pit of Vipers" in yellow letters
· "The Pit Viper" (~20 minutes 12 seconds)
· US first season closing sequence
· US first season opening sequence
· Blue screen with "The Invaders" in yellow letters
· "The Invaders" (~20 minutes 10 seconds)
· US first season closing sequence
· Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles UK opening sequence
· Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles video tape advertisement

· Buzz Dixon was credited for writing "Once Upon a Joe"
· "Once Upon a Joe" was dubbed 10 times
· Michael Charles Hill was not credited as the writer for "Cold Slither"
· "Cold Slither" was dubbed 9 times
· During the entire episode "Cold Slither," the sounds and voices are like noises heard in an empty room. Also, when the Action Force dubs are created, you can hear the UK and the original US voices at the same time (170 kb)...and just imagine how horrible the Average Joe (Force) song sounds at the end of the episode
· The scene starting with Stinky reaching across the table while explaining that there is a new stipulation to the loan to the close-up of Stinky reaching for Cobra Commander's mask and telling him that he wishes to see his face was removed from the episode
· Flint Dille and James M. Ward did not receive credit for writing "The Pit of Vipers," which was not dubbed
· Dennis O'Neil was not given credit as the writer of "The Invaders," which was not dubbed
· The label is white with black writing and has a gold triangle with a PG rating
· The tape is packaged in a clear plastic box with a sleeve on the outside for the artwork, which has the dimensions 10 1/8" x 7 11/16"
· The back of the box notes that "Once Upon a Joe" was released on Tempo 92512 and that "Cold Slither" was included on 91962

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