Hey, let's keep this thing on the road! I left my wings at home.
  -- Tripwire (to Gung Ho as the ATV skids to the edge of a cliff)
Home Videos Rhino - G.I.Joe: The Movie (VHS)

G.I.Joe: The Movie
Release Date:
Snapcase - October 5, 1999
Sleeve - 1999
Rhino - G.I.Joe: The Movie (VHS)
· Commercial for Kid Rhino catalog and The Transformers, G.I.Joe and Jem videos
· G.I.Joe The Movie (~1 hour 33 minutes 14 seconds)

· The tape was packaged in yellow, red and white snapcase boxes
· A flyer (front - 26 kb; back - 57 kb) for the G.I.Joe Collector's Club was packaged with the snapcase video, which was released as part of the 35th anniversary of the toy line (6 kb), along with a sheet of stickers featuring images of the 12" toys (which were not connected to the 1980s toy line)
· The image of Hawk on the back of the video package art was pulled from the episode "Nightmare Assault" (written by Marv Wolfman) and flipped horizontally
· The product code for the slipcase release is R3 2414 and R3 2086 for the snapcase
· The original version of the cover art appeared on the following videos: CHE - 3010, CHE - 3228, CHE - 6055, Rhino - The Movie (DVD), CFP - 12220, CFP - 12241, FHE and an Australian bootleg; recreated versions of the original cover art were included with the following videos: Maverick - SWV1003, Tempo - V9135, Tempo - V91352 and Geo Milda - Geo01

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