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Home Videos Rhino - Volume Eight

"The Traitor - Parts One & Two"
Release Date:
R3972762: June 20, 2000
R3970098: January 2002
Rhino - Volume Eight
· commercial for Kid Rhino videos *
· commercial for 2002 toys **
· US first season opening sequence
· "The Traitor - Part 1" (~20 minutes 9 seconds)
· US first season closing sequence
· US first season opening sequence
· "The Traitor - Part 2" (~20 minutes 13 seconds)
· US first season closing sequence
· Black screen with the words "Collect all 9 volumes from Rhino Home Video **
· * Included only on the commercial release; ** Included only on the promotional release

· Buzz Dixon was not credited for writing part one or two of "The Traitor"
· The video, which was subtitled "The Traitor," was packaged with volumes seven and nine in the third box set
· Unlike the commercial release, which included a sticker on the video, the title was painted onto the promotional video, which was packaged with several 2002 toys
· The product code for the commercial release is R3972762 and R3970098 for the promotional video, which included a $1.00 coupon for the toy line

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