You better pack for a long stay in intensive care because when Iím done with your cub scouts - Iím coming after you!"
  -- Leatherneck (to Buck McCann before the Cobra cadets hunt the Joe in a forest)
Home Videos Rhino - Volume Six

"Cobrathon" & "Cold Slither"
Release Date:
February 22, 2000
Rhino - Volume Six
· commercial for Rhino videos
· commercial for Rhino's DVDs of The Transformers: The Movie and G.I.Joe: The Movie
· US second season opening sequence
· "Cobrathon" (~20 minutes 13 seconds)
· US second season closing sequence
· US first season opening sequence
· "Cold Slither" (~20 minutes 14 seconds)
· US first season closing sequence

· Martin Pasko and Rebecca Parr were credited for writing "Cobrathon"
· Michael Charles Hill was not credited as the writer for "Cold Slither"
· A flyer (front - 26 kb; back -57 kb) for the G.I.Joe Collector's Club was packaged with the video, which was released as part of the 35th anniversary of the toy line (6 kb)
· The video, which was subtitled "Money is Everything," was packaged with volumes four and five in the second box set

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