Where the Joes are involved, no victory is ever guaranteed.
  -- Baroness (to Tomax and Xamot after they promise to defeat the Joes)
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G.I.Joe: The Movie
Release Date:
February 21, 2000
Maverick - SMV1003
United Kingdom (PAL)
· US opening sequence for The Movie
· G.I.Joe: The Movie (~1 hour 33 minutes 14 seconds)


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The image of Hawk on the spine of the package art was pulled from the episode "Nightmare Assault" (written by Marv Wolfman) and flipped horizontally; also, the image of Leatherneck slumped over a control panel on the back of the package art was from the episode "The Most Dangerous Thing in the World" (written by Buzz Dixon)
· During the first 55 minutes and 6 seconds, the film includes the US dialogue track; however, the film's color becomes darker one second later and the UK (Action Force) audio track for the film is heard for the first time as Cobra marches out of Cobra La and watches the launch of the mutation spores (55 minutes 16 seconds)
· The film contains twenty-nine audio dubs
· Some of the text on the back of the box was recycled from the Tempo Video releases (V9135 & 91352)
· The cover was recreated; the original version of the artwork appeared in the following videos: CHE - 3010, CHE - 3228, CHE - 6055, Rhino - The Movie (VHS), Rhino - The Movie (DVD), CFP - 12220, CFP - 12241, FHE and an Australian bootleg; recreated versions of the original cover art were included with the following videos: Tempo - V9135, Tempo - V91352 and Geo Milda - Geo01

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