I don’t think they’ll let you in, Leatherneck. They have an IQ minimum at the door.
  -- Wet-Suit (joking with Leatherneck about the newest club in town)
Home Videos Golden Video - V190991

"Primordial Plot," "Flint's Vacation" and "Hearts and Cannons"
Release Date:
Golden Video - V190991
Australia (PAL)
· US first season opening sequence
· "Primordial Plot" (~19 minutes 17 seconds)
· "Flint's Vacation" (~18 minutes 53 seconds)
· "Hearts and Cannons" (~20 minutes 2 seconds)
· US first season closing sequence

· Donald F. Glut
was not credited as the writer for "Primordial Plot," which features the same cuts as the USA Network version of the episode
· Beth Bornstein was not credited as the writer of "Flint's Vacation," which begins with Flint on his cousin's doorstep
· Alfred A. Pegal, who also created the story, and Larry Houston were not credited as the writers for "Hearts and Cannons"
· The images of Rock 'n' Roll, HAL, Mauler and Tele-Viper originated from the toy packages; the Tele-Viper artwork also appeared on Tempo - V9003 was recreated for the following videos: Tempo - V9003 and Tempo - 92732

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