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"Lasers in the Night"
Release Date:
Golden Entertainment - 79581
Australia (PAL)
· US first season opening sequence
· Black screen with first season's G.I.Joe logo design and the words "Destro's Lazer Lash"
· "Lasers in the Night" (~20 minutes 15 seconds)
· US first season closing sequence
· Dreadnok cycle commercial (Australian version; 30 seconds)
· Sgt. Slaughter and Triple T Tank commercial (Australian version; 30 seconds)
· Cobra Sea Ray and Wolf commercial (Australian version; 30 seconds)
· Cobra Pogo and SLAM commercial (Australian version; 30 seconds)

· Marv Wolfman was not credited as the writer of "Lasers in the Night"
· The animation in the toy commercials, which features Australian voice actors as the narrator and the kids, does not match the style seen in the US advertisements
· The image of the Snow Cat first appeared on the toy package; the artwork was also included with the following videos: Golden Entertainment - V79588 and a Video One release

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