It takes a strong stomach to watch me eat.
  -- Cobra Commander (to Destro, who interrupts Cobra Commander's meal)
Home Videos CHE - 6012

Commercial for G.I.Joe: The Movie
Release Date:
CHE - 6012
· Ghostbusters opening sequence (1 minute 15 seconds)
· Ghostbusters: "Banish that Banshee" (20 minutes 45 seconds)
· Ghostbusters: "Train to Doom-De-Doom-Doom" (20 minutes 43 seconds)
· Ghostbusters closing sequence (30 seconds)
· Commercial for G.I.Joe: The Movie (2 minutes)
· COPS opening sequence (1 minutes 15 seconds)
· Ben Hur animated movie commercial (1 minute 37 seconds)
· Bravestar - Vol. II: "High Noon in New Texas" commercial (2 minutes 5 seconds)
· Ghostbusters: "Prime Evil and his all Ghoul Band" commercial (1 minutes 15 seconds)

· Features scenes from the opening sequence and clips from the film: Cross Country retreating from Cobra's sneak attack; Lt. Falcon beating up Vipers in the Terrordrome, on his date with Zarana (disguised as Heather), arriving and training at the Slaughter House; the Terrordrome's safe room rising from the ruins of the Cobra base; Golobulus ordering his subjects to defend Cobra-La; a shot of the psychic motivator; spores falling from the night sky; worm crawling on a rod while Golobulus boasts "this pitiful, little planet will be ours"; Lt. Falcon fighting Serpentor at Cobra-La; the G.I.Joe logo crashing with golden fireworks, which is from the opening sequence.
· The narrator referred to Cobra-La as "Cobra Land."

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