Doesn't look like the kid has the goods.
  -- Duke (regarding the psychic ability of Airborne's brother)
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"Remember: a cobra is a snake and 'snake' is 'sneak' spelled sideways."
- Flint (radioing Duke while escorting the laser cannon to Joe headquarters)

"Yo Joe! Convoy go!" Duke shouts. The other Joes, who are escorting their new laser cannon across a highway paved under a desert's blistering sun, repeat their team's battle cry. Scarlett is radioed by Duke and asks about the security groundside. She tells him all is okay. When Duke asks about the situation on Flint's side, he tells Duke all is clear, but the trip could run into trouble, and he then adds, "Remember: a cobra is a snake and 'snake' is 'sneak' spelled sideways."

On a ridge near the highway, Cobra Commander crushes his eavesdropping device upon hearing Flint's remark and leads the attack against the Joes shouting his army's battle cry - "Cobra!" The Cobra agents repeat the battle cry and fly their CLAWs and Cobra Hang gliders and drive Hiss tanks to engage the Joes' forces. While driving with one foot, Lady Jaye hits a Cobra hang glider with a javelin, causing the pilot to crash into two others.

The Cobra forces set up a blockade on the highway, but Scarlett is undeterred and speeds forward in the VAMP to clear a path for the convoy. Duke tells the other Joes in the Sky Hawks, "A little air support for the lady, boys." The Joe forces plow through but then Cobra Commander orders Scrap Iron and Firefly to strike. Scrap Iron shoots a missile from his Stinger and causes the trailer carrying the laser cannon to be separated from the semi. Firefly tosses several incendiary grenades that create 100 foot flames to block the Joe ground forces and Scrap Iron shoots out the tires on the trailer causing to grind to a halt. The Sky Hawks fly over the flames and Duke flies out of his Sky Hawk with a JUMP to attack the Cobra agents, who are attempting to steal the laser core on the cannon.

The Joe ground forces drive around the flames to join the Sky Hawks. As soon as Snake Eyes is beside the cannon, he jumps from Lady Jaye's VAMP, climbs up the laser cannon and helps Duke defend the laser core. Cobra Commander berates his soldiers as they fight Snake Eyes and Duke, and as Cobra Commander flies by Lady Jaye, she knocks him out of the sky with a javelin and Cobra Commander is caught by Gung Ho, who is ready to pulverize Cobra's leader.

Duke and Snake Eyes are captured and the Cobra forces retreat to a large plane that has a snake's head on the front, which open its mouth so Cobra's forces can come aboard. Flint reluctantly takes charge of the Joe forces and orders Gung Ho, Short-Fuze and Breaker to take the Cobra Commander to Blackwater Prison.

After receiving a communiqué regarding Cobra Commander, Colonel Sharpe orders the driver of his hovercraft to alter course to Blackwater Prison, however, as they enter the swamp, they are attacked and defeated by Zartan and his Dreadnoks, Buzzer, Ripper and Torch. Zartan changes clothes and dons a mask so that he looks like Colonel Sharpe, who remarks when seeing Zartan, "It will take more than a mask to fool my people, Zartan." Mimicing Colonel Sharpe's voice, Cobra's master of disguise thanks him for speaking because the Colonel's voice was the last touch he needed to complete the disguise.

As the Cobra-head plane is pursued by the Joe forces, Destro remarks that everything is proceeding as planned and orders Storm Shadow to raise the temple. Gears grind and a temple with several Cobra heads on the structure rises from the desert. Destro watches a holographic view of the Joes approaching the fortress and then tells the silent ninja, Storm Shadow, that his new invention, the weather dominator, will destroy the Joes as they pass over the region known as the Pit of Chaos.

Back at the prison, the Baroness assists Zartan in the breakout of Cobra Commander by disguising herself as a parole officer who believes basket weaving will help reform the commander. Gung Ho is dismayed by the possibility of parole since the commander was recently captured, and when Gung Ho is antagonized by Cobra Commander the Joe grabs the commander and offers to bench press his face.

Zartan, disguised as Colonel Sharpe, dismisses the Joes and they leave only to find the real Col. Sharpe trapped inside a cage in the swamp. Gung Ho, Short-Fuze and Breaker double back to the prison where a sleeping gas exhaled by a snake, some grenades and laser fire help the Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Zartan and his Dreadnoks escape.

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