Need a lift, sweetheart?!
  -- Flint (before rescuing Lady Jaye in a Cobra FANG)
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"I think he means it!"
- Flint (who hears Cobra Commander yelling at his troops to kill the Joes)

In front of a door that says "Gas Laboratory No Admittance," Dusty looks over his shoulder and then enters the lab, however, Lt. Claymoore, who is sweeping in the hallway, pulls out a radio and contacts the Crimson Guard Commanders stating that their opportunity to prove that Dusty is a traitor may be at hand. As Dusty is reading the instruments in the lab, Tomax and Xamot enter the room and attack Dusty, but just as he is about to defeat them Tomax tosses a barrel into Dusty's stomach and the ex-Joe collapses to the ground.

Dusty is dragged into Cobra Commander's room and Cobra Commander demands to know what is going on. Tomax and Xamot explain that they caught Dusty in the lab, but a smiling Dusty listen to Cobra Commander shout at the twins: "Fools!" Cobra's leader explains that he ordered Dusty to prepare the gas and would not betray Cobra because the convicted felon doesn't have anywhere else to go. Placing his hands on Dusty's shoulders, Cobra Commander explains that Dusty will prove his loyalty tomorrow by gassing the Joes personally.

Cobra Commander addresses the "warriors of Cobra" by explaining that the world now belongs to Cobra, and his troops raise their hands and shout three times: "Cobraaa!" The Joes are led into the arena and Dusty seals the arena off from the Cobra spectators, closes the temple vents over the Cobra agents and opens the arena vents as per Cobra Commander's orders. But when Cobra Commander orders the gas to be pumped into the Joes tank and leans over to watch the results, Dusty opens the vents above the Cobra agents, closes the arena vents and pumps the gas into Cobra Temple.

Cobra Commander declares Dusty a traitor and attacks him, but Dusty throws him into the approaching Tomax and Xamot, opens the glass cover over the arena and tells the Joes that there are weapons in the ready room. Cobra Commander yells that Dusty was a triple-agent and simply says, "You guessed it, chromedome!"

With pistols drawn, Tomax and Xamot walk toward Dusty and tell him to "have a nice death," but the Joes climb into the control perch and slug it out with the Cobra agents. As Lady Jaye kicks Cobra Commander to the side and Shipwreck swats Cobra agents with a pole, Cobra Commander flees from Flint and Lady Jaye until he runs into some of his agents and then orders them to destroy the Joes, and Flint and Lady Jaye quickly retreat.

Literally and figuratively with his back against a wall, Flint listens to Dusty's offer for help and wonders if he should trust the ex-Joe. Dusty pleads with Flint and asks how he can afford not to trust him. Lady Jaye tells Flint that Dusty has a point and the Joes retreat to the lab. Shipwreck closes the lab doors and watches as lasers slice through the door just inches over his head.

Flint asks Dusty what he is doing while tapping a control panel and Dusty explains that everything was part of Duke's plan. "Duke's what?!" asks a surprised Lady Jaye. Suddenly, the door to the lab is knocked down and a Cobra HISS rolls into the lab. Dusty grabs a barrel and throws it against several glass containers. Fumes float out of the lab and flood the temple, and as soon as the fumes touch the Cobra tanks and uniforms, they fall to pieces. Dusty explains that Duke knew the mind control gas could be used to neutralize the unstable armor treatment formula and could cause the armor protection chemical to corrode anything it touches when mixed with the mind control gas.

After Flint knocks three Cobras against a wall and Lady Jaye accidentally rips a pair of boxers off an agent while tackling him to the ground, Cobra Commander watches Tomax and Xamot tell him to call the corporate office sometime for a lunch appointment. Saluting and simultaneously saying "Ciao," the Crimson Guard Commanders fly away in Trubble Bubbles and leave Cobra Commander at the mercy of the Joes. Cobra Commander turns and hisses at the Joes as they find him, but before the Joes can nab Cobra's leader, the Joes are fired upon and are forced to scatter. A Cobra FANG enters the flight bay, Cobra Commander grabs a rung on the helicopter and the FANG then flies out of the bay. Cobra Commander then looks up at the pilot, sees Lt. Claymoore and tells him that it is nice to know who his friends are in life.

At the G.I.Joe hospital, Duke announces that Dusty is reinstated with full rank and privileges on the Joe team. While Duke shakes his teammate's hand, Dusty’s teammates clap and welcome him back to the team. But Dusty's mother whistles sharply and asks what happened to her son. Duke explains that when Cobra approached Dusty, Dusty went to Duke, explained what happened and the two created a plan that would allow Cobra to receive the unstable armor treatment formula and give the Joes have a chance to defeat Cobra. Unfortunately, Duke was the only other person besides Dusty who knew that his defection to Cobra was never for real.

"You poor, poor boy," Dusty's mother tells her son, who wraps his arms around his mother, smiles and tells her, "Aww, Mom."

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