I wouldn’t say that dirty word if I were you, Dr. Mindbender. I’d have to wash your mouth out with soap.
  -- Agent Matthew Burke (interrupting Dr. Mindbender before he said "Cobra")
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"As Stalin said: 'Trust no one. Not even yourself.'"
- Cobra Commander (to Dusty, who asks if he is no longer trustworthy)

Inside Cobra's base, Dusty pulls down a face mask and Cobra Commander orders a small squad of Cobra agents to fire at Dusty. When the lasers and dust clear, Dusty is still standing and comments that the uniform needs more chest padding, however, he wasn't seriously injured. As the squad of Cobra soldiers raise Dusty onto their shoulders, Cobra Commander raises his hands in the air and declare Cobra is now unbeatable since the armor treatment can protect the Cobra soldiers from the Joes' laser fire. Meanwhile, while Dusty is carried away, Tomax and Xamot note that the officer who lost in the battle with Dusty, Lt. Claymoore, continues to sweep the room and is not cheering. But Claymoore doesn't say anything to the twins and continues to sweep.

At Owsley Chemical Compounds, the Joes guard the plant with several Sluggers, Maulers and AWE Strikers, and in the air, the Cobra Helicarrier pumps out black smoke to disguise itself while hovering over the Joe forces. As Flint notes that the plant manufactures the last ingredient for Cobra's mind control gas, Cobra Commander tells his troops that he will lead them to victory with Cobra CLAWs, which prompts Dusty to ask Cobra Commander, "Don't you trust me anymore?" Giggling softly, Cobra Commander then responds: "As Stalin said: 'Trust no one. Not even yourself.'"

Cobra CLAWs glide down from the sky and as the Joes hit the Cobra troops they then watch Cobra's agents stand back up and continue to advance. Lady Jaye asks Flint if there is some weakness in the armor treatment formula. Flint racks his brain and vaguely remembers Doc or Duke mentioning some weakness - then he remembers. Calling down from a Slugger, Flint yells: "Blowtorch!"

"Can do, Flint!" the yellow and red clad man with the flamethrower yells back before spraying fire across the land. Shipwreck, Roadblock, Gung Ho and several other generic Joes place incendiaries on their guns and fire at Cobra as per Flint's orders. Cobra retreats and Barbecue and the other Joes raise their guns in the air and yell with pride in their voices -"YO JOE!"

Cobra Commander and his forces fly back to the helicarrier, and Dusty, who is standing at the entrance of the flying base, comments that Cobra appears to have gotten their fangs scorched. Tomax and Xamot tell Dusty that his comments may be considered traitorous.

While Flint, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck and several generic Joes chase Dusty, who is driving a Cobra Ferret, Cobra Commander leads a squad into the plant, steals a few barrels of the chemical and radios Dusty that his part of the mission is complete. Dusty signals the Cobra demolitions team and several large explosions create a crater in the earth, and the Joes drive AWE Strikers, Silver Mirage motorcycles and VAMPs into the hole. As Cobra troops surround the Joes, Flint orders a cursing Shipwreck to stand down.

Cobra Commander congratulates Dusty and promises him a position in the new Cobra order, but Dusty simply salutes and replies that his service under Cobra Commander has been a pleasure. Tomax and Xamot then suggest that the mind control gas be tested on the Joes, an idea that makes Cobra Commander very happy and Dusty to clench his fist and involuntarily reply, "No!" Cobra Commander asks if there anything wrong with Dusty and the ex-Joe says that nothing is wrong.

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