Cobra Commander has a mind?
  -- Roadblock (insulting Cobra Commander, who explained that he had devised a cruel method of execution for the Joes)
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"Blast! If Dusty's joined Cobra, none of our secrets are safe."
- Flint (after watching Dusty escape a life sentence thanks to Cobra)

They run out of the room and warn the others that the place is about to blow up. The Joes dive over the side of the oil rig and swim to the Battle Platform and Spirit and Flint learn from Gung Ho that Duke was struck by debris and fell into the water; also, Shipwreck and Deep Six went underwater to find him.

The oil rig collapses into the sea, but Shipwreck and Deep Six are able to drag Duke to the SHARC and fly to the Joes' Transportable Platform. The Joes cheer, however, their mirth is short-lived since Duke reveals that Dusty gave the plans to Cobra before Duke himself loses consciousness.

Dusty, who is rummaging through a lab and taking snapshots, encounters Shipwreck's fist. After beating back Shipwreck, he knocks the Joe out with a chair, retrieves the Cobra spy camera and pulls Shipwreck out of the lab, which caught on fire due to chemicals overturned during Dusty and Shipwreck's fight. Flint, Spirit and Roadblock run up to a groggy Shipwreck, who explains that Dusty was after the secret armor formula, however, Lady Jaye is flying a helicopter overhead. She follows Dusty as he crushes through a chain-linked fence and attempts to escape in a Mauler. But three missiles from Lady Jaye's Dragonfly cause the tank to turn onto its side.

The Joes quickly surround Dusty's Mauler with Sluggers, VAMPs and Armadillo tanks and Dusty is captured.

Cutter, Footloose, Clutch  and several Joes in a court room listen to Flint state that Dusty has been silent during the entire trial and that if he has anything to say, now is the time. But Dusty shakes his head and explains that he has nothing to say in defense, and he hangs he head low. Because he has given aid to Cobra thus endangering his fellow Joes and jeopardizing the security of the United States, Flint tells Dusty that has been found guilty of treason and is sentenced to a hard labor for life at Fort Wadsworth military prison.

Tomax and Xamot inform Cobra Commander that Dusty has been sentenced and Cobra Commander reacts unconcerned, but then changes his mind when he realizes that Dusty could be useful to Cobra, and he laughs and tells the Crimson Guard Commanders that they should help the "poor fellow."

Dusty is led out of a shack in iron shackles and as he walks past his ex-teammates, Lady Jaye wonders what point Deep Six is dancing around as she explains that she can't believe Dusty is a traitor. Deep Six tells her that the entire situation is too simple since a real traitor wouldn't be so easy to catch. Snake Eyes, Stalker, Spirit, Rock 'n' Roll, Torpedo, Grunt, Scarlett, Roadblock, Clutch, Ace, Alpine, Breaker, Snow Job, Wild Bill, Short-Fuse, Steeler and Mutt watch as Gung Ho leads Dusty onto a bus.

But Cobra FANGs appear and destroy the guard tower. One of the FANGs blows a hole in the roof of Dusty's prison transport bus and two Cobra agents pull Dusty out of the bus and into a Cobra transport helicopter. The Joes try to stop the escape, however, the FANGs provide enough cover fire to allow the transport with Dusty to escape into the air.

And the Joes stand stupefied and watch Dusty fly away with Cobra.

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