Come on! Move your feet - not your mouth!
  -- Beach Head (to the other Joes while invading a fort)
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"No, we're the dummies. Suckered by dolls firing lasers."
- Duke (to the Joes after Cobra wins a battle)

At a gas station, Dusty calls the phone number on the Extensive Enterprises business card and the Crimson Guard Commanders answer the phone. And Dusty explains that he wants to make a deal - information on the Joes' next ambush. Tomax and Xamot tell Dusty that if the information is good, then they will send a check out to his mother.

The Joes wait in the bushes around a chemical plant and they watch Cobra paratroopers parachute into the trees. Surprised by Cobra's stupidity, the Joes run toward the Cobras and begin to crawl on the ground when they are under fire. Scarlett, Alpine, Blowtorch, Gung Ho, Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Shipwreck and Dusty follow Duke on the ground, however, Shipwreck stands up to rush toward the Cobras despite Dusty's warnings. A Cobra trooper falls out of the and surprises Shipwreck, but he quickly punches the Cobra and sparks fly out of the paratroopers face.

As the other Joes attack the Cobras, they quickly realize that they paratroopers are dummies. "No," Duke says, "We're the dummies. Suckered by dolls firing lasers." As Cobra transport helicopters fly away tankers of the Dylcon 98, Shipwreck throws his gun down in anger while Duke believes that there must be an inside source working for Cobra since the Joes strategy was too well-planned.

As Cover Girl, Snow Job, Grunt and several other Joes turn in their weapons, Lady Jaye watches Shipwreck pound a fist in the wall and listens to him promise to send the traitor down 20 fathoms into the sea. As he encounters Dusty on the steps of the building, Shipwreck asks him how he would punish the traitor, however, Dusty's mind is a million miles away.

Flint enters Duke’s darkened office, closes the door and learns that Duke has discovered from an unnamed source the identity of the traitor - "Dusty" Rudat. In order to gather proof that Dusty is the traitor, Duke and Flint allow Dusty to learn of an attack on a Cobra base in the Gulf of Mexico, which looks like an abandoned oil rig, by ordering him to move some crates in the war room.

Dusty returns to the pay phone outside of the Joe base and calls Ms. Vasquez, who informs Dusty that the check was a big help, however, more bills continue to pour in. Dusty sighs and tells her that he will try to help. Pulling out the business card for Extensive Enterprises, Dusty calls the Crimson Guard Commanders, who are balancing on their desks with their heads on the tabletop. When they hear Dusty's voice, they flip off the desks, connect him to Cobra Commander and listen to Cobra's leader threaten him to get the secret armor formula or else Dusty will be exposed as a traitor, which would worsen his mother's condition.

While Duke listens to Flint's disbelief that Dusty is a traitor, Deep Six radios that the oil rig look abandoned and dives underwater in the SHARC and tells the others, "Yo Joe, or words to that effect." He radios Duke that the Cobra submarines are not present. The Joes' Transportable Tactical Battle Platform is dropped in the water and the Joes parachute and swim to the Cobra base in order to examine the remains.

Shipwreck, Duke and several other Joes enter the barracks of the base and Shipwreck learns that Cobra has a medical plan after picking up a copy of a Cobra magazine. But Duke pulls the magazine out of Shipwreck's hands and tells him to search the lower levels of the base. Deep Six and Shipwreck enter a dark room so Shipwreck flips the light switch, but the switch activates a spark that leads to a patch of explosives on the ceiling of a room filled with explosives.

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