They played the tune that made men swoon.
  -- Roadblock (summarizing in two lines the power of the Conch of the Sirens)
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"I wouldn’t say that dirty word if I were you, Dr. Mindbender. I’d have to wash your mouth out with soap."
- Agent Matthew Burke (interrupting Dr. Mindbender before he said "Cobra")

Outside the Ritzy Club, a man in a tuxedo straightens his tie and cuffs before following Dr. Mindbender and a bodyguard inside. After walking across the casino’s floor, the stranger grabs a food cart, pushes it toward a room Dr. Mindbender entered and tells the bodyguard outside, “Some palooka just dented the boss’s car.” The bodyguard runs away to check out the car and the stranger enters the room.

Inside, a man tells Dr. Mindbender that a scientist has created a very effective nerve-paralyzing liquid and wishes to sell the weapon to Cobra. Dr. Mindbender is impressed with the product, however, before he state's his organization's name while agreeing to purchase the liquid, the stranger interrupts: “I wouldn’t say that dirty word if I were you, Dr. Mindbender. I’d have to wash your mouth out with soap.”

After ordering the two criminals to move away from the table, the stranger is picked up by the bodyguard and thrown across the room and then his gun is destroyed by the bodyguard. The stranger climbs to his feet and kicks the approaching bodyguard and then chases Dr. Mindbender and his partner.

Standing in the middle of a street, the stranger coolly watches a car race toward him, flips over it and shoots the car with a laser from his cuff link after nimbly landing on his feet. Dr. Mindbender’s car, which is in flames, races out of control down the street, turns over and smashes into another car.

While Dr. Mindbender and the other criminal escape the blazing wreck, the stranger rushes toward the car, scoops up a box that contains the nerve-paralyzing vial and dashes for cover moments before the car explodes.

Inside a small base in the middle of a desert, a scientist thanks General Hawk for recovering the nerve-paralyzing weapon, which he calls a “witch’s brew.” However, General Hawk explains that they owe their thanks to secret agent Matthew Burke, the stranger wearing a tuxedo.

While a woman places two cups of coffee on a desk and hands another to Burke, the scientist explains that the Rocky Mountain Chemical Arsenal can handle the destruction of the weapon. Since the Joes are on training maneuvers nearby, General Hawk suggests that every Joe on his roster could be called to help escort the weapon. Burke, however, convinces General Hawk that they should send four Joes since Cobra will undoubtedly be watching the base and a large convoy would be an easy target to spot.

The woman who distributed the cups of coffee speeds across the desert on a scooter and enters a hidden Cobra base, where several Vipers surround and point their guns at her. Removing her wig, Zarana explains the Joes’ plan to Dr. Mindbender.

Beach Head hands Flint some orders sent from headquarters, and Lady Jaye is pleased to hear the news since she no longer has to shake scorpions out of her boots during desert survival training. Elsewhere, as Lift-Ticket and Lifeline carry away a HAVOC with a Tomahawk, Cross Country shouts at them to be careful with his HAVOC. Dial-Tone explains that the HAVOC is simply flying to Fort Wauchuka due to a technical problem and shouldn't be considered a big deal.

Flint drives an Armadillo up to the two Joes and invites them to join Lady Jaye and himself on what Lady Jaye calls a “petty ante mission.” Dial-Tone and Cross Country accept their offer and ride on the back of the Armadillo to a small base. While Flint and the other Joes think the base is too quiet, Cross Country explains they are far too paranoid and knocks on a door.

A small slot opens and a gun barrel appears, causing the other Joes to immediately draw their guns and aim them at the door. However, the gun disappears and a black box appears. Cross Country picks it up and half-jokingly asks if he needs to sign something. Strapping the box to the Armadillo, Flint asks Cross Country if there was any hint about the contents of the box. After learning that not much was said, Flint simply states their orders are clear and drives away from the base while Lady Jaye shouts, “Yo Joe!”

While navigating through a mountain's road, Cross Country comments on the nice scenery. However, Dial-Tone looks down, notices their height and asks him, “Are you nuts!?” The Joes reach a dead end road, and as Flint and Lady Jaye climb out of the Armadillo to examine their options, Flint notices motorcycle tracks on the ground.

As they rush back to the Armadillo, Zartan and the Dreadnoks ambush the Joes. Zartan destroys the cannon on Lady Jaye’s side, forcing her to jump out of the tank, however, Cross Country hits Zartan’s bike, which explodes.

Monkeywrench cuts Cross Country’s cannon with his gun. Kneeling to the ground, Dial-Tone attempts to radio Slip Stream for an air strike, however, Buzzer shoots the communication pack on his back and the Joe falls the ground unconscious after it explodes.

“Knock out the cycles!” Flint orders the Joes. “That’ll make the odds - even?" He then notices Thrasher’s Thundermachine racing toward them.

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