Hey! It ainít like he flushed it down the sewer.
  -- Shipwreck (to Lady Jaye after Dr. Mullaney places a formula inside his subconscious)
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"Terrific! Pass this along!"
- Alpine (before punching Xamot, who explains that he feels everything that his brother experiences)

A shuttle is transferred to a transport and raised from an underground complex with the help on an gantry elevator and a hemisphere made of stone parts so that the shuttle can roll down a long concrete road. Above the shuttle, Flint asks Lady Jaye if she sees anything from her point of view. "So far, the launch looks WOC," Lady Jaye replies. "WOC?" asks a confused Flint. "Without Cobra," jokes Lady Jaye.

As the shuttle launches, Shipwreck spots activity around the launch pad. After several explosions are ignited, Cobra HISS tanks come out of the earth to fire cables at the shuttle. The cables criss-cross and the shuttle is captured in mid-launch with a net.

Tomax and Xamot attach small guiding thrusters to the side of the shuttle and Cobra begins to drag the shuttle away. Cobra Commander compliments his brilliance only to dive for cover five seconds later as Flint cuts into Cobra Commander's HISS tank with the wingtip of his Skystriker.

The storage bay doors the shuttle swing open the several Joes fly out to fight Cobra with their JUMPS. As Bazooka knocks Tomax out his Trubble Bubble, Xamot crumples in front of Alpine. After Xamot explains to Alpine that he feels his brother's pain, Alpine shouts, "Terrific! Pass this along!" Alpine punches Xamot, who falls out of his Trubble Bubble and into a lake with his brother.

Destro leads Cobra's reinforcements, a squadron of Rattlers, however, Gung Ho leads the Joes' counter-attack with a Slugger and is joined by several SHARCS. As Cobra Commander curses the Joes' audacity, the Joes press their attack and Cobra Commander shouts his second most frequently used word - retreat.

Cobra Commander is knocked from his tank and falls into the same river which Tomax and Xamot are treading. The Crimson Guard commanders thank Cobra Commander in unison for joining them, and all three swim to shore after Scrap Iron crashes into Cobra Commander's HISS and flies into the water.

Before the Joes take Tomax, Xamot and Cobra Commander into custody, two large robots emerge from the lake and the Cobra agents escape by climbing onto the hands of the robots, which dive underwater. Flint orders Shipwreck and Snake Eyes to take a detail in the SHARCS and capture the Cobras.

Meanwhile, Lady Jaye and Flint pilot Skystrikers among the buildings in a city while chasing Destro in his Rattler and windows shatter as the Joes skim above the rooftops.

After Cobra Commander and the Crimson Guard twins are delivered to an underwater base, the robots are ordered to attack Snake Eyes and Shipwreck's group. One of the robots grabs Shipwreck's SHARC and tosses it into the river floor after it is attacked by Shipwreck.

Picking up a sunken ship, one of Cobra's underwater robots swats the SHARC piloted by Snake Eyes. Roadblock fires two torpedoes at the robot to prevent it from delivering the killing blow to Snake Eyes, but Snake Eyes is unable to regain control and crashes into the sandy floor. However, Shipwreck and Snake Eyes survive and cruise toward the Cobra base while staying close to the ground. The Joes then pilot their SHARCS into a large tunnel.

Roadblock and the others in the detail are sucked inside an aquatic robot and are then shot out of the robot's arm. On a screen, Cobra Commander watches the SHARCS crash into a wall of rocks.

Cobra Commander compliments the twins on their water robots and radios an invitation to Destro to join them. As Destro flies around a building, Flint radios Lady Jaye that he will take the west side and as she takes the east they can squeeze Destro in the middle. However, one of the buildings is a Cobra base and Destro flies into a hidden hanger and escapes the Joes.

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